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  • не работает
  • It was very useful but doesn't work already.
    Will this fixed?
  • It was perfect and unobtrusive but now it's borked.
  • 很方便、很简洁的小工具。
  • but: icon is present only in the address bar of the first window. in the second, third, etc windows icon is missing in the address bar. (firefox-esr 45.6.0, debian gnu/linux 8.6 jessie)
  • Tudo em um clique mesmo. Pena, o comando ficar no fim da lista de seleção. Mesmo assim, vale a pena rolar o cursor :)
  • It seems it doesn't support e10s but since e10s is disabled on my profile, I couldn't say if it still properly works despite that.

    I know mozilla changes too frequently and it's pain in the as* for dev to maintain their add-on. I empathize with you. I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it.

    Do you plan to update it?
    I was just looking at updating to include e10s last weekend. Unfortunately, parts of the addon sdk are still not compatible with e10s, specifically the selection API: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1060695

    If this doesn't get fixed, I guess I'll have to drop that feature...

    Thanks for your review!
  • 1.生成二维码想要保存的时候,保存错误

  • It does work and indeed it does save the QR codes, but it will only appear in my desktop (or folder I choose to be save in) after I restart firefox.
    Everytime I want to use a qr code I do have to restart firefox. I'm using Firefox 47.0.1 (OS Bootcamp Windows 7)
  • The plugin creates the codes, but it does not save them. After the popup that shows the QR code I click on it, and I get a window that apparently allows saving it. But when I look for the file, it is not there.
  • all fine
  • didn't have any problem with it yet! I really would love to be able to re-size qr code tho, sometimes it's too small!
  • exactly what i want
  • Great addon, thanks, but sometimes has issues)
  • A must have without a doubt!
  • Very nice but the code should be bigger, or an option to change it's size would be very welcome. On high resolution screens it is too small
  • Great!
  • 同時支援網址列、選擇的文字、圖片、連結產生為二維條碼(QR Code)



    若能"支援解析網頁中的二維條碼"(support decoding QR Code as image from web page)就又能再取代一個附加元件了


    Thank you very much!
    This add-on has changed my Internet life.
  • Excellent extension. Works great.

    My only recommendation at this time would be to have an option to dim the rest of the page when displaying the QRcode.
  • 用了好几个 ,还是这个最棒!
  • ...if I can't readily save the code image I've just created. Unless I'm missing something obvious, I have to take a screen shot to make any use of it (such as to use it in a website or in print). Yes, I have tools with which to do that, but I shouldn't have to use them.

    So, yes, I was missing something, but not all that obvious. In light of the developer's response, I will up my review to 5 stars.
    Hi there,

    If you click the generated QrCode, you'll be prompted to save it as an image.

    Hope it helps,
    Kind Regards
  • Perfectly does his job.
  • Pleas add in Private mode
  • 建议在右键加入地址栏输入的信息转换成二维码
  • This add-on is really surprising, it really encode anything to a real QR, not a short-link version, a real one.