67 reviews
  • Leaks your information by taking to the vendor site
  • Please add ability to remove annoying context menu item.
  • Kaksksks
  • This is bad. Why is this extension even featured?
  • After last update 'alt-q' doesn't work and there no any option to return it. Can you please make an optional installation of key combination or something like this?
    With the new Webextensions from Firefox it is not possible to open the popup with a hotkey. It has to be a manual action.
  • Why added right mouse button menu item? I don't need it, especially at the very bottom.
  • The codes are unnecessary bloated and there is no option to change it.
    Die QR-Codes werden unnötig groß erstellt und es gibt auch keine Einstellungen, in den man das ändern könnte.
  • Уже дважды просил сделать серым цвет кнопки или инверсную картинку - похуй, автор не замечает моих просьб. Дебил, НА ТЕМНОМ ФОНЕ ТУЛБАРА ТВОЮ СРАНУЮ КНОПКУ НЕ ВИДНО!!!!!
  • Thanks for sharing this add-on it perfectly work for me
  • 试了很多个类似的组件,这个是最好用的
  • Nearly unusable, because Ctrl-Shift-Q combination conflicts with WebDeveloper/Network shortcut. Why not just put a menu item into the tab context menu?
  • but QR's generated from selected text were bugged for some reason, always generating the same QR. Otherwise a good extension. Offline QR generator is, however, better in all aspects.
  • Pensei, procurei... E tem! Parabéns pelo add. #Recomendo
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Q brings up the Developer Console in Firefox. Move it back to a button, please.
  • Felicitaciones al creador de esta app, muy buena y también recomendada por mi, le doy 5 estrellas!!!
  • I'm on FF 48.0 and i never see the icon... Where is it ?
  • 这个非常实用,需要分享到手机上,只需要扫一扫就行了。
  • it should allow copying of urls to create qr code
  • nice and very useful
  • Looks and works ok
  • Add-on work great, but it's Button was disappear about 2 monts ago, an I deprived of the opportunity to use it :-(
    How to get it back?
  • Great idea. Works well. Hopefully it will be kept up to date!