67 reviews
  • I would recommend a lower ECC value so that the QR code doesn't get so complex. This might cause errors on some readers. Apart from that the plugin works very well.
  • The app saves the code in a GIF file format with a .png extension. Changing the extension fixes the problem, but it's kind of a serious bug.
  • Works but an open version should be better.
  • Does the job, but on mobile Firefox, the code generated by an URL is ridicously small and requires to be zoomed in every time it is flashed by another phone. Very tedious. (Galaxy S3 here)
  • It works. Is there really more to say?
  • works perfect
  • Bien
  • It's not offline. sends data to qrutils.com and has advertisements. A load of shat! Only positive: the actual code the developer wrote is very simple and easy to read.

    The fact there is literally 30+ QR code addons available and this one is being promoted by Mozilla who reign as champions of users and user privacy is laughable!
  • Works great in FF61 Beta....
  • Реально нужная вещь, когда нужно быстро скопировать ссылку на телефон.
  • opens in their website and shows you ads...
  • resim ekleme özelliği de olsa iyi olurdu
  • very great
  • 短短的几个英文字符,生成的二维码就非常巨大。选中文本生成二维码的功能,无法在扩展里实现,需要打开个网站,但是网站引用了Google的脚本,在中国根本用不了。