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  • As for me doesn't work.
  • 已經無效了,還沒更新我就維持這個評價
  • I've been looking for something to remove SPONSORED posts from my facebook feed and this does the job! Thank you!
  • Excellent extension, very useful! I wish there was also way to optionally block reposts that have no comments. I might loose something, but it seems very well worth it now that there's so much spam.
  • Doesn't work 61.0a1
  • 如標題!
  • Doesn't work on Firefox 53
  • 只有載入網頁的那一次,建議貼文才會被隱藏,只要動態重新載入就會跑出來
  • This add-on doesn't work at all.
  • All ads on the homepage appears normally on the right column.
    Hi, I'm checking it now, but it works on my Firefox (Firefox 45 / Mac OSX 10.11)

    Would you provide more information for me to work on it? Thanks.
  • This add-on used to work on nearly every FB ad, including newsfeed ads and ads to the right of newsfeed. It stopped working entirely a few months ago and it seems like fb is generating more and more ads. I keep it installed in hopes that it will work again, it was one of the most useful add-ons ever!
  • Facebook might have circumvented this. I couldn't get it to work.
  • The extension works perfectly. It failed to remove ads inserted on the page by another extension, but that isn't the fault of this app. The reason I've disabled it is that I like Facebook being free, therefore I accept the need for ads & sponsored content. FB gives me a lot of control over the messages delivered to me, and I think that's good enough.

    If this extension offered options to remove only some kinds of content, I'd have given it the full five stars. (I realise this would be duplicating what I can already do through settings, just that it could be easier!) Cannot fault it for performance as promised, though. Nice work.
  • Just works perfectly!
  • 您好,我在Chrome與 Firefox都安裝了套件
  • Just What I was looking for. The better alternative to Add Block Plus since this stop working on FB. It does all what it promise.
  • Everytime I refresh Facebook it gives me this popup: "Error: Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object"
  • I have to say that this add-on seems to work really well!
    Have installed it today, and it blocks all of those annoying adverts that appear on the right hand side of the screen in Facebook.
    I installed the add-on, and it worked from the off - no tweaking was necessary!
  • I have installed but do not know how to make it work. Can someone please explain it for me? I don't normally bother with add-ons but this one caught my eye. I will give a rating once I get it working for me.
  • Great! The add-on clears ads. I can focus on my friends' news.
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