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  • Simple, do its job fast and without problems. 4 stars because I had to restart the browser, and I miss the option to see on the context menu (or hot keys), instead of having an icon onthe GUI, which I have hidden and clean.
  • Very easy to use.

    Will you make it multi-process compatible, please ?
  • This really couldn't get any better, configure a simple password profile once. Then when ever you need a password for pasting just a single click of the icon and it's ready. Thank you for not giving this any bells and whistles, it's perfect as it is.

    Tip: If you make passwords for others to use or don't have perfect vision, configure your profile to omit characters that can be easily confused with each other depending on the user or font.
    E.g. 1!ilj|0oO:;~-_`'/\
  • works ad advertised, without fuzz and noise, just perfect.

    one star less because I have to restart FF to activate :)
  • This is a great addon! I'm using it for a couple of years and it's the best so far!
    I'd really wish to have a few different passwords generating profiles to choose from, like
    1. Long ones
    2. ## symbols long
    3. ## symbols long
    [ ] with non-alphanumeric symbols
    [ ] without non-alphanumeric symbols
    That would be nice to have them in fall-down menu upon generating new pass-s.
  • Great plugin
  • gp5v56
    love it, can't stop generate passwords! :))
  • addon - excellent !!!
    but... button dissapeared
    Hi, this has now been fixed.
  • I really don't get the point of "master password", that needs to be explained somewhere. Also, both "master" and "history" should not be in the menu if they're not checked in options.

    One feature that would be cool is to, in the menu, have some "presets", e.g. "4-digit pin", "8 chars, all types", "8 chars, alphanumeric", "16 chars, all type". Ideally, a 32 char all types pass would work on all sites, but until then, some presets would be good!
  • very good, but i'd like to see one feature added. an option to insert the password into the currently focused form field. this would be safer than copying it to the clipboard, and more convenient than typing it in manually. thanks.
  • Just brilliant...absolutely brilliant. I don't have to bother with trying to think of passwords, nor the time to write them down so I don't forget them. Just click and paste and save time.
  • Excelent!
  • LONG LIFE TO PWGEN ! (FF7 - Linux)
  • Good software..
  • i really like this application, it's not only usefull for network engineers, sysadmins also for privat people, have have change a bigger amount of passwords in regular intervals. so thanks to the Ali Abbas, great tool!
  • This is absolutely one of my most essential addons as an I.T. Admin. Thank you so much for it!

    A feature I would like to see implemented at some point is the ability to add a phonetic pronunciation output e.g. in parenthesis with each letters phonetic word separated by dashes.
  • Great addon. I had to find something to change SecurePassword Generator after going to Fx 4.0 and this is the best i found. Doesn't have a dialog window which i liked, but doing the same thing. Thanks.
  • Useful thing, for everyday recording at different sites ...
  • Works great on 3.6. But I can't get it to work on 4.0 beta 10.
  • If you don't choose the "Master Passwort" option, the whole thing is working very well, ok.But with the "Master Passwort" option checked, the generated passwords are only hex [0-9,a-f] and always 8 chars long.Totally unsafe, tested it with many master passworts and many sites, result is always lower case, 8 chars long, and consists only of numbers and the letters a-fYou should really fix that!
  • Just what I wanted!
    When I make a new user account, just click'n'paste a new random password
    Thanks very much :-)
  • Seems to work great. I'd prefer not to have a dedicated, always present status bar icon just for creating an occasional password. Would the option to simply have a selection in the Tools menu instead be possible?
  • the best password gen out here.
  • Very nice add-on. Does what I want (generate strong passwords) and nothing more (doesn't try to take over my password manager). Only thing I'd like to see changed is to allow the icon to be a toolbar button rather than a status bar icon.
  • It's a great addon, just one annoyance. You should make a separate option for enabling/disabling spaces in passwords, because most sites don't accept passwords with spaces. And if we're talking about excluding spaces, why not add a feature to exclude characters?
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