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Okay, first open up the .xpi file with WinRAR. Yo can probably use Win Zip, but I use WinRAR and make SURE to leave it open, so just minimize the opened WinRar with the files in it just chillin'... Now, open the install.rdf file, look towards the bottom for the line of code that usually reads 1.0-2.0.8 or something like that (those are the versions of Firefox). Just make sure to change the last number to 4.01 (or whatever the current version is, ie: 3.0-4.01) and put an asterisk at the end of it, but ONLY if there was one there before... like this: 1.0-2.0.8*) - LOL... I've done it with SOOO many apps and most of them simple apps, so they work fine, even with Firefox's Compatibility Add-on, they think it is genuine because I'm sure those #'s are what that app and most similar apps check for: the version # in the install.rdf file. Once you "hack" the .rdf file, then place it back into the WinRar that's been open all the time from the original .xpi, and then you just overwrite it (the .rdf file). Finally, close WinRAR and open the file with Firefox this time, into WinRAR. Then, it'll act as if you wanted to add and app and you go ahead and add the app, restart Firefox and voila! It works!!! :D

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7.1-signed).