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  • Удобно и функционально, и кнопки не мешают. Хорошо! Особенно после последних изменений в Firefox.
  • plz update
  • this is by far my FAVOURITE ADD ON (love Beyond Australis too!) Super upset finding out that this add on will disappear with mozilla's new web extension thingy.. (yeah I'm not computer techno savvy) booooo Mozilla!
  • 简洁实用,把一些不常用的扩展图标集中在侧边栏进行隐藏,用的时候打开非常方便
  • Разгружает панель, позволяет перенести в другие места и оптимизировать расположение значков.
  • 对于自定义十分有用
  • I've loved this add-on for years and thought I had a while left before it stopped working due to changes in Firefox's add-on infrastructure, but after updating to Firefox 52 it's no longer working for me. I can see the puzzle icons in their various places, but there are no actual toolbars.

    This is a great disappointment (though I understand the developer's reasons for not maintaining this add-on). If anyone has workarounds to keep Puzzle Bars functioning for a while longer, or suggestions for other add-ons that provide similar functionality, I'd love to see them posted here. I just added Vertical Toolbar and it seems like a solid replacement for the lateral bar provided by Puzzle Bars: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/vertical-toolbar/
  • Was excited by the screenshots and description only to be thoroughly disappointed in its implementation. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use this, and this is coming from someone the lives and breaths installing addons and customizing FF in every way possible.
  • I am going to miss puzzle bar and omni sidebar like hell. These are two of the main reasons I use Firefox. :'-(
  • Excellent Add-on.
    Tankyou Quicksaver.
    Mozilla sucks, if we want something like Chrome, we use Chrome... don't copy them, you're killing Firefox.
  • 原来的垂直工具栏不工作,找到了这个插件,发现不仅有了垂直工具栏,还可以开启角落插件,棒极了
  • Very handy feature, the panel holds a lot of different supplements and easy to use.
  • 讓人驚嘆的巧思!
  • Exactly what I've been looking for. Great. Thanks.
  • Thank your for this add-on! The only problem I have so far is that if I move the Video DownloadHelper icon into the location bar and restart the browser, left-click on the Video DownloadHelper icon won't popup its menu.
    As I mentioned in your github issue, it seems to be working fine for me now. Please try its latest version and let me know through there if you still have any issues.
  • Очень удобно сделано !!
  • Thankyou for this great addon.
    Very helpful as it is much needed to place many extra buttons.
    Just needs the ability to have two top toolbars instead of just one.
    You can use other add-ons like Classic Theme Restorer to add extra toolbars if you want. This one only includes one at the top (and really only one in any one position really) because otherwise it would be very difficult to manage all the extra puzzle piece buttons that should appear in similar places. ;)
  • Wow; this is astounding work!
    Thank you so much,

    [+] highly customizable
    [+] keyboard toggles!
  • Expect same quality than an extension by Mozilla, or maybe even better.
    Thank you for your kind words, I always aim for better of course. ;)
  • アドオンを追加するほどに増えてゆくアイコン。


    to Quicksaver
    Sorry, I English is not good. To me it is difficult to accurately translate this review.
    I want to say with this add-on is great. This review will explain it to Japan of the speaker.
    You did a good job! I respect you. Thank you.
    Edit: ah, ok then. From a crude translation I got the impression you had some sort of difficulties with the add-on. I'm glad to hear that's not the case. You're very welcome, I'm glad you like it. :)

    Unfortunately I don't speak japanese and the online translator didn't help much here. I don't understand what it is you're looking for, if you could write in english or be more descriptive I would appreciate it.
  • I liked it a lot. could you make one for chorme too? thank you
    I'm glad you like it but my add-ons are only for Firefox. I don't use chrome so I have no interest in creating anything for it, and even if I wanted to, chrome doesn't allow this level of customization.
  • Great add-on and I had such fun organising everything then feeling very neat and smug at the result.
    Thankyou developer - I didn't know I needed this until I saw it and now couldn't be without it
    You're very welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)
  • These kinds of extensions shuld be firefox defaults! Give this dev a job at Mozilla already! Thank you!
  • この作者の「Beyond Australis」、「FindBar Tweak」を愛用しています。 大変な傑作品です。

    (この addon も)やはり、他の addons 同様に、傑作品でした!

    Firefox(Cyberfox)は、カスタマイズの自由度が魅力ですが、addons の使用量が増えるに従い、Display が乱雑になりがちで、画面も窮屈になるのが難点でした。

    この addon は、その難点を解消しました。

    Thank you for your nice words. I'm glad you also like this add-on in addition to the others. :)
  • I think this addon is broken on latest nightly, please check it. Findbar Tweak, Beyond Australis , Puzzle Bars, you did create the best addons for firefox. Thanks for your help.
    Yes it is. I've already fixed it but haven't uploaded it yet to AMO. I'll do it soon. ;)