Rated 2 out of 5 stars

My favorite two colors - purple and black. The contours are pleasing to the eye, and the horizontal striations give it a nice sense of contrast. It looks really nice, but one thing keeps me from using it. The bookmark toolbar and the toggle toolbar icons that come with the Toobar Buttons extension are grayed out when these toobars are hidden and normal when the bars are exposed, which is opposite of the way it should be - grayed out when the bars are exposed and normal when the bars are hidden. Too many theme makers make this mistake, but there are some out themes out there (LavaFox, Stratini Black, and Red Shift) that don't use any grayed out toolbar buttons. The better Firefox themes don't have them grayed out at all so that they don''t detract from the appearance of the theme whichever configuration the user employs. I don't understand why anyone would want them grayed out at all since it's pretty easy to see whether the toolbar is exposed or hidden without having to look at the toolbar icon; the grayed-out toolbar icons provide no information that isn't already readily apparent, but they do detract from the theme's appearance. The colors of this theme are excellent, and the theme is aesthetically pleasing with the striations and contours, but the grayed out icons on the toolbar make it look awful.

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