434 reviews
  • very nice and works flawlessly
  • its working great
  • No IP Leak or DNS Leak
  • PureVPN addon for FireFox is perfect to bypass the "French Wall" aka "Ligne Maginot Numérique" built to block access to some unauthorised websites in France. Well... Chinese government is not the only one whom control their Internet users... If you want more privacy, and a liberty window, use PureVPN!
  • Works perfect, easy to install and operate
  • When using VPNs, I find my computer is confused. I get pages in the language of the country I have selected, and when I order something, the currency of the country I selected is on the screen. I have to turn off the VPN in order to get to the correct currency. I also don't like getting pop-up ads in another language. It would be nice to have a choice to use my own country, but have the proxy address constantly moving around this country.