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Seems to be an excellent addon!
I search for something which can allow me to download from a site which has daily limist for downloading and collects my IP (and probably other info too) so I can't bypass the restriction. Will this addon help me bypassing this with changing my IP so I to can download limitless from the site? Or I need some from your other addons?

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the best proxy add on i have easy to use...just type the url you want to open then click on the proxy pro icon and choose the closest available server and voila website loads up and now you can browse whatever you want...working on my 35.0.1 version of Firefox...loving every second of this free addon..thx the developer..

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Excellent, better proxy extension.

Excellent for this Add-ons(Proxy List Pro) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great ,Easy,Quickly,free
must be you test