Too bad, doesn't work on US TV stations Rated 1 out of 5 stars

US TV stations ABC, CBS, NBC notice I'm not in the US. Good thing I didn't pay for a US Netflix account after the trial period - I would be screwed after MediaHint stopped working yesterday.
I don't understand this whole limitation business anyway:
- If I buy a DVD from a US store I can watch it in my country.
- It's also stupid that for instance Netflix has a different selection for whatever country they offer the service.
It's all a money-making scam for the ever-growing super-rich. Thanks to all who tried to devise work-arounds.

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Trial period? Are you sure you are talking about ProxMate? We don't have a trial period nor sell something.
Feel free to give our (new) beta a try - You might like this one!

License stuff is a big business. Some companies license stuff in your country, and some other companies license it in a different country. That it's bad for the end consumer is not a big surprise, but well, it's all about the moneyz.