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  • Worked fine for me. Make sure lightning is enabled in add-ons, install this from file by selecting the cog icon on add-ons page. The restart thunderbird and the wizard is in File > New Calendar. See https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-integrate-google-calendar-into-thunderbird/
  • Wiki says "File -> New ..." There is no "File -> New ..." Forum says "New Calendar Wizard." There is no "New Calendar Wizard" anywhere that I can find.

    Uninstalled. I don't have time to search for ████ that doesn't seem to exist.
  • Provider for Google Calendar desactiva la opción que nos da Lightning para crear evento desde un correo electrónico.
    Antes si funcionaba perfectamente.
    Y una observación, podría añadir la opción de buscar contacto para poder añadir la dirección del mismo.
  • Excelente!
  • Muito bom extra. Obrigatório usar. Leiam o FAQ antes de disserem que o extra não aparece em lado algum :)
  • 2 hours and still can't get this to work, like most of mozilla crap it is half completed and you have to have a degree in programming to work it.
  • xpi is avaiable here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/provider-for-google-calendar/dQgZntvGTAo
  • Después de instalado no aparece por ningún lado. Usando Thunderbird 52.7(32b).
  • Thanks, Philipp, for making this great tool freely available. I've been using it for several years now with different versions of Thunderbird and it always worked like a charm.
  • For those using the Thunderbird Beta and looking for a workaround for Google Calendar access, the instructions here worked for me:

    Short version:
    - Open the calendar tab
    - Add a new calendar (right-click the left panel, choose "New Calendar")
    - Select "On the Network"
    - Choose "CalDAV"
    - Set location to: "https://apidata.googleusercontent.com/caldav/v2/[your-gmail-address]/events"
    (Replace [your-gmail-address] with your gmail. Don't include quotes or square brackets.)
    - Enter a display name for your calendar and set the email account.
    - When completed the Google account login window will appear. Enter gmail account and password.
  • Cet add-on fonctionne très bien...Mais il ralentit tellement thunderbird que j'ai dû me résoudre à l'enlever.
    De même, il est impossible de définir une période de synchronisation (genre ne pas récupérer la totalité des évènement de google agenda, mais juste l'année en cours, ou le mois ou autre).
    Cela permettrait certainement d'alléger le tout sans être obligé de virer les vieux évènements. (besoins ponctuels oblige)
  • Calendar google provider does not work with Thunderbird 59.0b2 and lightning-6.2a1.
    Is there an update planned?
    Fournisseur google agenda ne fonctionne pas avec Thunderbird 59.0b2 et lightning-6.2a1.
    Est ce qu'il y a une mise à jour prévu?
  • The only thing I noticed lacking was some progress indicators while it was connecting to Google to retrieve e.g. the list of calendars. A white window looks odd, but it got there after 30 seconds or so, and everything's worked great since. Sync works in both directions.
  • Always ask for login information when starting Thunderbird 52.5.2 (32-bit). Thought was a fluke so I uninstalled and re-installed. Every time you open Thunderbird, you must login to your Google account to authenticate. Please fix!
  • In my version Thunderbird 52.5.2 the addon was not great. Today it becomes not working. Specifically, when I choose google calendar,
    it doesn't dismiised the task. So I'm just stuck there.
  • Does not work under Thunderbird 59.0a1, can't press next. I've never been able to use it as a result.
  • Great add-on, but for some reason I cannot bring it to work after last MS W10 update yesterday. Does not connect...
    I re-installed Lightning, the add-on itself, etc, no use. Not working... :-(
  • funcionament correctecte i bona sincronització
  • This installed OK. Got shared calendars to work. Unfortunately, I am plagued by reminders from the past month (someone else's calendar) . I set the calendar not to send me reminders. Get these every few minutes or so. Unusable. Pity.
  • This add-on was super useful to me but seems to be broken in Thunderbird 58. Many thanks for its past usefulness, though.

    Edit: See these links for an alternative solution, using CalDAV.

  • Auch nach dem letzten Update auf SeaMonkey 49.1 funktioniert der Provider für Google Calendar wunderbar. Hiermit hat Philipp eine großartigen Beitrag für Mozilla geleistet. Ich halte meine Google-Kalender hiermit auf allen Systemen (Windows, Linux; zuhause, am Arbeitsplatz) synchron. Auch mobile Änderungen von Android aus werden unmittelbar in Lightning übernommen. Ich werde gerne noch einmal spenden!
  • Cannot click "Next" when adding the calendar. Does NOT work.
  • Funktioniert einwandfrei, wenn sämtliche Voraussetzungen erfüllt / gegeben sind!
    Schlechte Bewerter sollten mal ihre Rechner etc. checken!
    Für mich unersetzlich! - Top!
  • Après avoir ajouté l'extension, j'ai accès en lecture et en écriture à tous mes calendriers Google. Bon quand on ajoute un calendrier Google par après, il faut à nouveau faire l'ajour dans Thunderbird.
  • The addon is really great.
    The synchro still working if you create an event from Thunderbird (but not in the other way anymore).
    [Myconfig: Thunderbird 52.4.0 on Linux + SPlanner on Android 5.0.1]