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  • Ohh man I'd love to see an updated version of this for Firefox 17. Please update this, it'd easily be one the best themes for Firefox on the Mac!
  • Wow, this is sharp! Love it!
  • Wow, this is sharp! Love it!
  • I'm not sure I understand what this theme is for? Isn't this the default Firefox3 Theme on Mac OSX?
  • This looks REALLY cool! To bad it won't load for FF301 :-(
  • This looks REALLY cool! To bad it won't load for FF301 :-(
  • Please make for windows it looks so cool!!!
  • It doesn't work on Leopard and Firefox 3.0.1? I didn't get this theme altough is installed and I'm using it...
  • I've attempted to port Proto to Windows:

  • Can you make this theme for windows, strata is ugly
  • Hy! This theme is really great!

    But at my point (as a linux user) it's joust a dream...

    Can someone please port it for linux? It would be very great!

    I downloaded and installed it on my ubuntu hardy, and most of it works ok, but the menus are really bad, and it has some little bugs like the smart bookmarks button...

  • Can you please release the square buttons styles too in a different theme. For me, the more this looks like Safari the better.

    It just preferance toward the squares then rounded, I think alot of people will feel this way too. Not that the round ones are great too, they just make me feel a tad uncomfortable. The square one look way nicer.
  • Not for Linux.
  • Well, to those who say it doesn\'t match the Mac OS X look, you are forgetting iTunes. If you look at iTunes the play button and forward/backward buttons are round. So for me it does match however I do think it would be nice if it was both Round and Square. For example the Round buttons for back/forward is GREAT, but for the print, and other buttons make them Square.\r\n\r\nThat is all,\r\n\r\nMatches iTunes.\r\n\r\n-AJHoyt
  • I really love the new theme but there are some minor glitches that I think should be fixed before its final.\r\n\r\n- there is no user feedback if you customize your toolbar that signals where a icon will be placed. As far as I know Firefox 3 Beta 5 under Ubuntu has this.\r\n- The Buttons under \"Page Info\" don\'t have a pressed state.\r\n- the favicon (or the button where its placed on) also doesn\'t have a pressed state if its colored (secure connection)\r\n- in the bookmarks sidebar the little line that signals where it will be placed if you rearange your bookmarks doesn\'t look to good in my eyes. it should probably be longer.\r\n\r\nOne thing that I\'d like to be done is the \"unified\" stop/reload button like in the mockup in \"the shape of things to come\" on faaborgs blog. But I\'m sure you had your reasons not to do this :)\r\n\r\nThat\'s from me so far. I really like the theme and I think you did a great job making firefox look more native. I Hope it\'s still enough time to fix this before the release... (please, \r\nexcuse my english. It\'s not my native language as you can see)
  • You can change to a smaller size buttons, I don\'t know where is that preference, but I changed it.
  • Needs an option for favicons in the bookmark toolbar :)

    Near perfect theme!
  • The theme looks nice. Outweighing this, though, is the non-standard behavior of the back button. Instead of moving back a page on a short click it brings up a history menu, where an item has to be selected. This makes using Firefox a lot less convenient and has gotten me back to the default theme ever since this "feature" was added.
  • Looks sweet
  • Man if this skin doesn't rate 5 stars from everyone then I don't know what the heck should rate it. There is no skin that even comes close in my book to Proto. I quit using Firefox for a while because I couldn't find a skin that I liked at all.

    The Safari like skins were OK but still looked a bit cheesy to me. I like the Safari theme but Proto is even better. Love the big back button and why does anyone hate the rounded address screen? Who says that every thing should be square? This ISN"T Safari, its Proto and it is its own animal. to me it's the best skin for any browser Mac or Windows. I wish there was a Proto for windows as well when I have to use my stinking windows box at the office. Congrats on a job well done! Expect my donation!
  • This is an excellent add-on - half the reason why a left Safari. But I have one comment.

    SERIOUS consideration should be given to remaining with "standard" navigation on the back and forwards buttons. Currently if I click on either button I need to select which page I want to navigate back to. As with most other users this is more often than not the last page.

    The current implementation is (1) counterintuitive, (2) not according the generally accepted browser behaviour and (3) slows down the navigation process.

    I really enjoy this add-on but the navigation functionality, as currently implements, would be a show stopper for me, unless it changes.

    Really excellent work guys, but I would SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY reconsider the navigation implementation.
  • OK, it now looks kinda like an OSX application – the only problem is that it doesn't behave like one: The shading still doesn't change correctly on focus/unfocus and only a tiny part of the »grey area« is dragable. Those might be minor shortcomings for many people, but I'm running into them (especially the second one) several times a day and it's just annoying.

    Oh and one more thing: Is there any good reason for making the locationbar round? It makes the whole toolbar look very candy-ish, especially with those strange button-like background of the favicon and the search engine icon.

    For the rest: pretty good work! Firefox is mor OSX than ever!
  • I have to say, I also am very fond of this Proto look -- big 'back button' and all. Everything is clear and easy to find right away. If I wanted a clone of Safari, I can easily get one here called 'GrApple Yummy (blue)'. Without a doubt, it does look very much like the latest version of Safari. BUT. This was the first time I felt I could use Firefox right out of the box without hunting for something that made it 'look decent' on the Mac. And that is really a giant bonus for me, as this beta works SO WELL for me that I doubt I'll ever go back to Safari again (on this computer -- I run about half a dozen different ones). The tip provided here by 'gl0tzk0wski' perfectly addresses those who do NOT like the large back button. Simple solution -- love it!

    Firefox DOES need a 'look' unique to itself for branding purposes, and it is my opinion that they have found it and darn near perfected it on the Mac. I, like 'Jules' here, also use the graphite colouraton, and would really like a way for this to automatically integrate with my system. I'm sure this will happen as time progresses. I suppose my only beef would be that little 'black' Home icon. Something should be done to clean up that 'blotch'. Maybe have a look at the GrApple way of dealing with it? In GrApple, it is visible, but tastefully treated. I would also like to see the search engine icons either 1.) dumped completely with just the words identifying which one is use or 2.) the icons rendered as black line only. Currently, they look too garish and arcade-like for my taste. The GrApple theme does it right.

    Other than that, I think the development team working on this Proto theme is doing a super job on the Mac side. Now -- since I work on the PC (WinXP) too, how about some clean-up for that version? It really just looks gawd-awful messy with all those icons in the Bookmarks Toolbar.

    Overall I give the development team extremely high marks for a unique, yet super looking Mac theme, to compliment an outstanding browser (even still in beta!) that is destined to become my standard on ALL platforms I use.

    Thanx for all your hard efforts to date, as I truly appreciate them!

  • I know there is difference of opinion on the Big Circle back-button. I for one love it. I feel it is the key to the new look. Please do not destroy this look. If it is ever decided to change this look, please leave it as an option for the many of us that prefer this unique look.

    Thanks for all your on-going efforts. . . I am really looking forward to the final version of 3.0 with all the bugs fixed.