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  • firefox
  • It doesn't get all ads but it sure helps.
  • I am seeking to eliminate the ads from Genesis Health. Nothing more. This site does not seem to help./
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  • Folks, you need to TEMPORARILY allow third-party cookies to set these opt-outs because they work as cookies set by each advertiser network, telling their own network not to set any actual tracking cookies in your browser.

    Once these opt-out cookies are set, you can re-block third-party cookies, in which case the opt-out won't matter anyway because you're already blocking any cookies you opted out of -- i.e., the opt-out only matters when you choose to allow third-party cookies.

    This extension just makes sure those opt-out cookies don't get deleted or overridden.
  • Don't waste time with this add-on. DAA or its partners could be insincere. I've tried opt-out like 20x and still get "Opt out requests for 0 participating companies were successfully completed for this browser."
  • Looks like it works and saves time
  • Good
  • Went through the entire opt-out procedure THRICE, and every time I get the message "Opt out requests for 0 participating companies were successfully completed for this browser.", and "Opt-out requests for 134 participating companies were not completed."

    I suppose its because they require you to enable Third Party Cookies in order to work, which in turn opens you up to tracking cookies from malicious ad-provider networks that are not part of the DAA. Its just better to install an ad-blocker extension and turn off third party cookies + clear cookies regularly.
  • Very Good
  • Works so far. A bit of a gripe with it is - why have a toolbar button for the addon if it does not do anything? just get rid of it