Great idea and design concept ...but Rated 2 out of 5 stars

it still does not work properly. There is no highlight persistence yet, even on simple page reload nor on closing tab and/or restarting FF 18 and 19.02

The basic design concept of storing highlights in SQL database is very sound and private. Though this extension is not really functional yet I give the author HUGE credit for the work so far and that which I hope will very soon be forthcoming to make this completely operational. When it reaches that point I would give the author 10 stars if that were possible because this would be an exceedingly valuable research tool. I cannot wait for the opportunity to award those stars, because I could have used Prostetnic Highlighter literally thousands of times just in this first half of March alone.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (initial.rev637.1-signed.1-signed). 

It's a work in progress,

and hopefully an ambitious work.

Not sure what the timetable will be as I'm an amateur programmer, so putting out the fires in work and home come first. But there is a game plan:

1. First order of business is fixing known bugs.

a. Most of the bugs in identifying selection endpoints have already been fixed, but I still very rarely get errors.

b. re-highlight now works on mine; not sure why it's not working on yours. There is still a bug that causes it to re-hilite all instances of the text in each hilight. I'm working on that, which is first priority.

2. Access by menu to all features.

a. Color selection, undo and erase-all-this-page to be accessible by context menu as well as add-on bar, as requested by Nick2222 and Johan Andre. I've identified the Javascript objects necessary to do multi-level menus, but I haven't used them yet, so there may be some trial and error. I expect to finish this task within a month, and that's a fairly worst-case estimate.

3. Polish up the lookup feature.

a. 20/20 hindsight tells me the table containing the highlights should store page title as well as URL, for a more friendly lookup experience. What I plan to do is, once the version with this feature rolls out, it will add a column to the relevant table (if exists) or create the table in the new format (for first-time users); a little of a kludge, but will allow new users to get page titles on search results, and old users to keep their existing highlight collections, with old ones displaying by URL and new ones by page title (or perhaps both page title and URL).

4. Full-blown color selector.

a. Select text and background colors separately, each from the full system color palette. I don't know how to do this in Javascript, but I'll figure out a way.

If any of you are Javascript literate and Firefox Add-On SDK literate (This is my very first Javascript project, BTW) feel free, if you want, to hop on over to this add-on's page at Github ( ) and we'll make a group effort of it.