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I needed a web highlighter, and realized that a suitable one is not so easy to find, with all the apparent wealth of web apps. I mean, one that (A) makes permanent highlights, which are there when you revisit a page, (B) doesn't require to sign up for an account, and (C) without a toolbar that adds clutter to the browser. Prostetnic highlighter seems to be the best compromise for the moment, although it's not entirely consistent. The 'Erase all highlights' command leaves some highlights unaffected for me. I'm grateful, but please take this further. Also, I would like to know where the highlighting data is saved.P.S.: Thanks for the update! Much smoother look and feel now. Mentioned inconsistency also gone!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (initial.rev362.1-signed.1-signed). 

Sorry about not erasing all highlights

I'll be working on that promptly. At this point (as of initial.rev406) a sleek new row of buttons is in place. Your data are stored in your firefox profile directory ( see ) in a file called 'patma.sqlite' For an SQL-prompt interface with these data, the command would be (after cd-ing to the appropriate directory):

sqlite3 patma.sqlite