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  • I find it really useful for visiting sites websites you already visited, but for searching in the location bar, which I do a lot, it's a pain. This flaw makes it a no go for me.

    Developer response

    You can force the location bar to do a search by pressing "right," which will deselect the item from the suggestions. Do you have any suggestions for how to better support searching?

  • i know i said this already but now that i've used it for some time i can confirm that this extension is soo much wonderful! it definitely needs to be implemented in ff4!! (along with instant preview and find suggest) not only it fills the remaining letters and words but it also auto selects the first result! this makes for a perfect combo with instant preview ...well, needless to say, as long as the user can toggle this function at will from the preferences:-)

  • This add-on is AMAZING.

  • This addon is really useful, and lightening fast. One can open a tab, often hit only one letter and then have the address you wanted ready.

    I only wish it was included by default in the 4.0 betas

  • This is great but it seems to break searching by keyword.

  • Awesome!

  • Cool and great add-on, but seems the auto-complete is broken in 4.0b7 build1

  • Funktioniert von Anfang an perfekt. Will nicht mehr ohne.
    Sehr geil ist auch das es schon auf Jetpack basiert und man den Browser nicht neustarten muss.

  • Works good. Will it also auto-complete the user defined tag and phases from page title? (It should be!)

    Developer response

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've filed an issue for you to have tags and keywords suggested:

  • Nice one (and finally)!!!

    Better than Google Chrome's auto fill function! And works seamlessly with the "Switch to tab" function.