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For those saying they use key word search (I also set back up the Browse by Name method of Firefox 3, wish they didnt do away with that). I do this a lot as well. I just hit escape and then enter. Not too hard and barely slows you down at all.
I think having the addon select the first entry is CRITICAL. It makes browsing blazing fast.

The only issue is reloading tabs on switch. Can you please add like a hotkey for that. Like right now if you press shift+enter on a tab switch it will just load that url in the current tab. So can you make it so only if we press ctrl+enter it will switch to tab and reload. If no ctrl+enter then it will just switch to tab.

Also to your code after the // Ignore tabs for switching tabs
Not only should you ignore if ctrl is pressed but also if alt is pressed. As this opens the url in a new tab, but now closing this newly opened tab after load takes you back to the tab it would have switched to, rather then the last tab we had used.


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