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Thanks so much for working more on this I have had much less problems.

One thing though:
I am on a message board. Url is like blah111 however if click "post message" and then submit that message the url is now blah111. Now when i am in another tab and type in blah it brings this up as "Switch to tab" and when i get there it reloads which is GREAT! now i can see the new posts
in some cases i dont want the page to reload on tab switch
is there anyway you can make this like predicitive new tab, the first time switch to that url it doesnt reload but watches you. if you switch to it and reload it within 3 seconds it registers that.
only issue i see with that is if someone does get it into reloading on every tab switch habit for that url, i cant think of an automatic way to detect they dont want reload anymore. (possibly instead of reloading right away have a 1 second timer count down where the user can hit escape so it doesnt reload, however this removes from the instantness, just an idea)

Once again i absolutely love love love this addon. Please make it work with instant preview.

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