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  • Extremely likable add-on. Been using it for a long time now and it rocks! Increases the productivity by a lot!

    One thing that would make this add-on perfect would be to edit some lines that you may not find as useful. For example when I type "g" it automatically becomes "google+ plus" (which isn't even an address) and I'd love to be able to edit it out to be somewhat more useful for my liking.
  • One year after my first review end this is still the same... Very poor. I will consider this add-on dead.
  • Used it for 5 minutes and already liking it. Complements the features of FastestFox.
  • Just what I needed. Increases productivity.
  • The one thing I still miss about Chrome after a few months now with Firefox is the way the URL bar works. This is one of many extensions I've tried with Firefox. I don't like the auto word suggestions -- just url suggestions please. It seems to often lose preferences so that the auto-fill often just stops working. I don't mind that it selects the first suggestion upon enter -- if that url or suggestion was autofilled, but then it needs to stop suggesting tabs that are already open. If I wanted an open tab, then I would just go to that tab. And sometimes entering search terms doesn't automatically search for them upon enter; I sometimes have to hit enter two or three times for it to work. Why can't any of the extension writers (or FF itself) get this feature right?!?!
  • I found it very annoying. For example, when you write "arrays php" on the url bar, the addon changes this to "arrays phpmyadmin".
  • Not sure if you saw my last comment. But please have an option to disable autocomplete words. I only want to use the autofill function for url address. if I am searching for something through the location bar, I don't want to have words suggestions after I type each letter.
  • Excelent!
  • Nice, but it breaks oldbar. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/oldbar/
    edit: something similar is built into the latest nightly.
  • I user location bar for search, so if I type google it would return www.google.com , but I want to search "google". So I hope if we "spacebar" after world, it return to ogrinal function?
    Just like chrome in omibox :D
  • Please fix this for FF7+
    In FF7 it starts to work weirdly.

    Also I want to reduce this by a star because the problems and quirks can be easily fixed and this should ship default with Firefox. But it doesnt look like work is being put into it...
  • I discovered this a while back by accident. I forget how. But in my opinion this raises the already impressive Awesome Bar (way better than the competition) to the stars.
  • With the addon enabled i can no longer delete urls from the awesomebar results drop down list.For example you type mozilla and you get results for mozilla,then point a result with your mouse and hit DEL to delete that url from history.With the addon enabled this no longer works.It deletes the selected autocompleted word or does nothing when the word typed is not selected at all.
  • 1) Like the suggestion feature,
    2) Don't like the 'selecting the first result' behavior. I didn't ask for it and it's really troublesome when you use the keyword.URL behaviour a lot. Instead of starting your search it load the first result.

    Let's :
    1) split the addon in two (separate/select 1st row) ;
    2) add a preference to manage this so we can have a check-box to toggle it.

  • This makes browsing so much faster. It makes the awesomebar even more awesome!!
  • hey , this addon look funny
    first , i was think this maybe can hear my voice and type it for me .....LOL
  • Finally a working autofill solution.
  • It "could" be an interesting feature BUT, 2 things:
    - please, do not select the first item of the list: most of the time, I don't want the first hit. And it's totally incompatible with Instant Preview.
    - do not auto make the auto-completion.

    In my opinion, the default behavior must be a default [search / go to URL] operation as Google Chrome does. I think this is the more natural use of the address bar.
    If I want to keep the auto-completion suggestion, then I press right arrow.
    If I want to select an item in the list, then I press top/bottom arrows.
  • Love this add-on. Extremely useful and practical. It makes getting to frequently or previously visited pages very fast and easy. I would say that it should be the default behavior in Firefox, but it's so easy to install with no restart that it doesn't really matter either way. Recommended.
  • Makes sence if you have Omnibar, but otherwise not very practical.
  • Results aren't always relevant, but it makes it very convenient for pulling up webpages related to browsing activity.
  • I've tested this since it was introduced. My opinion is that this doesn't make the search in the location bar faster than the standard solution. The fact that it completes the word automatically makes the location show a lot of pages that share the same word, which most of the time are related. So if I press a letter it displays a list of related pages, because their title contains the auto-completed word, instead of showing me the most 'frecent' pages starting with that letter, which I consider to be more helpful.
  • This is a serious issue. When you type something the first suggestion is selected. But now if you move the cursor around and hit the delete button history links are deleted and not characters from the typed word.
    Sorry about that! It should be fixed in v6.
  • This add-on is inconvenient with the instant preview add-on: the page is refreshed at every new typed letter !
    It would far more useful if the engine results (google.com, google.fr ... Bing, Yahoo or else) were included the history results
  • Great Add-On. Should be standard functionality for Firefox. Because, imo, the standard auto-fill is somewhat broken and not implemented too well.
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