Glad to see this is in development Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'm glad to see someone is addressing something that I perceive to be a valuable option: saving tab groups from Panorama. However, this doesn't really seem to be all that different than saving tab groups. I gain the ability to overwrite, which I see as very useful, but I have to have a status bar to use it and it doesn't do what I really want it to do.

I keep tab groups open in Panorama for a long time because I want to be able to refer back to the sites, but I don't want to bookmark them. An example would be for a project I'm working on; I have a few pages open pertaining to the it that I'll never use once the project is done. So, I'll either be working on three projects at once or a project will be put on hold and I'll want to revisit the pages later.

To me, bookmarks are links that are valuable, links that you want to keep for a long time or revisit more than once. I don't want to totally clutter up my bookmarks list with temporary stuff. Do other people feel this way? Why do people keep tab groups open rather than bookmarking and closing? I can only speak for my own experiences.

I suppose I could set a separate folder and try to clean it out. But what I think I'd like would be an option with similar functionality in terms of taking a snapshot, but instead of adding a bunch of bookmarks, write a list of the URLs to a text file somewhere (or something like that) and be able to use that to reload the tab groups.

An alternative to the snapshot button, ideally, would be where I close the tab group and when the Undo option comes up, also include an option to save the group. Or, prompt to save when the X is hit, or have a save icon next to the X (this would probably be the best choice: no prompt, and more obvious to the uninitiated). To me, these are more intuitive options than a status bar icon.

I would see the tab group automatically being saved as the name of the tab group, if there is one. If not, prompt to name the tab group upon save. And to reopen, have an open button right above or below the search button on the top right when in the Panorama mode.

This would keep my Panorama tab group habits separate from my bookmarks, and I think that overall it'd be a lot more intuitive. Wouldn't mind discussing further! Also, I found a bug, but it says not to report those there. Where do I report those for this?

Thanks for reading and thanks for working on this!

Snaporama was a quick implementation of an idea I had when I was an intern this summer. I'm no longer at Mozilla and development on this is currently on hold, but the Firefox team is actually looking to improve panorama, there's updates on their work here: