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I mostly use the frequently browsed with section. THat's like 90%. But I absolutely absolutely love the similar content bar. I wish I could see the bookmarks column more but it doesn't show up much.

However there is a major problem. :( I'm not going to bring this down one star because this addon is absolutely amazing amazing! Better then any speed dial! (Although people might want to see RSS feed somewhere, I don't use it I don't know how firefox currently handles it.

So I've been using this since i commented, it's almost been a month, however it still can't detect that there are some sites that should show in frequently browsed with, there are certain sites I go to from almost everywhere and anywhere.

Also I clicked a external link once or twice off of an article on a forum, i use this forum a lot and don't really go to external links from it, however that one article continually shows there.

I once deleted something from url bar with delete button and now that is not showing up after opening a new tab from the page i usually go to it (ive been waiting 3 weeks for it to comeback :()

Please make the predicting more smart this is absolutely amazing.

Edit July 31, 2011: Responding to Dev
Thanks so much for your prompt reply! I really appreciate that info I honestly can't wait!
It would be nice to if you can spiff up the page a bit while keeping it totally simple like it is now. (I don't know rounded corners or something haha, you know what i mean? just prettier :P)

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I'm glad you like it. The development has slowed down mostly because we're taking the two different approaches that this addon uses and A/B testing them against each other using test pilot. Once the results from that are in (we expect that to be in 2-3 weeks), I'll try to update the addon accordingly.