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  • Not compatible with LastPass. When you disable/remove it, it causes you URL bar to lengthen practically across the page.

    Buyer beware!
  • This is awesome. You should make the search button removable or at least, able to change where it leads to. Other than that, it's great!
  • Putting awesome bar and tabs in one line is a good idea, especially for big screen.
    one Recommend: the width of awesome bar doesn't need change when focused. I don't think people will input long address. As for me, the input is always less than 20 characters;
  • The lack of search engine choice limits this to a try and discard effort.

    In response to previous review: Full screen (F11) works fine for me in FF7.
  • That add-on is really nice; however, I cannot use the F-11 (full screen) button again. Please fix this.
  • nice job but can u put home icon instead of the magnifying glass icon? overall you have done a fantastic addon and congratulation for that achievement. cheers! =D
  • I like the design. It looks like ie9, but is there a way that you could choose different search engines. Also, could there be an option to change the home icon to the original or something? Thanks!
  • - the tabs and new tab button are bigger than the original ones (win xp), please fix/leave the original size
    - the search button feature it's great but it's annoying that it sends you to in-tab search, make it to use directly the default search engine. (or add an option for it)
    - please add the back and forward buttons from the latest UX build by default or at last optional, they are amazing.
    - "double the width of the location bar when focused" this is very annoying please add option to disable it or allow us to select the size.
  • I think I like it better than LessChrome HD because I don't have to mouse over the navigation bar to use it, I can just glance up.
    I like the minimalistic approach, and the UI even feels faster for some reason...idk why.

    However, I would like to have a little more customization options--I would remove the magnifying glass and place my WOT icon on the right side, like I've always had it. When clicking 'customize', the navigation/tab bar goes crazy because OneLiner is enabled.

    Other than that, it looks and works fine for me. Keep the good ideas coming.
  • "double the width of the location bar when focused"
    This is annoying!!!
    The tabs keep jumping around.
    Please please allow it to be disabled!
  • How to remove Search icon wich I don't need?
    And how to get back RSS icon in Awesome bar?
    The rest is Ok.
  • I think this is an awesome idea from IE. Does right clicking the search icon allow you to select the search engine?

    Edit:I see it just fills it in to the default home search engine page. I think this is a bad idea. I think hitting enter on a word(s) typed in the url bar should run search on the currently selected search engine. The search engine icon should be shown at least as a background of the magnifying icon, also right clicking the magnifying icon should allow to change the search engine. Also should be able to change the search engine by holding ctrl + down/up arrow, just like you can in the regular search bar.

    Also now that the search bar is unified with this, live search results/suggestions of the currently selected engine (if the engine has live results/suggestions) should be shown in in the suggestions area of the url bar.
  • I love the concept, but doesn't work well with my use case. I use 'vertical tab' addon and place my bookmarks next to my menu.
    See the screenshot: http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/3923/firefoxaddonlesschromeh.png
  • every time i restart the addon, one more search icon appears in my tab-bar, i costomize the bars before, it's not supposed to have so many icons...for now, more than 10 icons,, in firefox 6 ubuntu 11.10 alpha
  • While I sorta like the IE9-styled appearance, I personally think that the implementation could be a little less buggy (when I restart, I have the minimal bar with a search box stretched under it, among other things)
  • bad ass monkey :D
    ,sorry folks, i dont like this add on
  • I installed it and didn't care for the layout. When went to disable/uninstall and I could not find anything to allow me to do this. It didn't show in the Extensions, Plugins, Addons nor Tools. How do you disable/uninstall? I have a lot of "buttons" on my navigation bar and they disappear, unless I check the navigation box to bring it back. Then I still have the OneLiner URL box along with the one on the navigation bar. I gave it three stars because if one has a "vanilla" install, then I can see it being useful - but if you have add-ons that place buttons on the navigation bar, then they disappear. Bringing them back, you still end up with the modified tab bar (2 URL boxes).
  • Overall UI design is quite compact, but functionality needs improvement.
    -allow highlighted searches to be directed to the search plugin currently in use rather than default about:home
    -provide option to remove magnifying glass icon next to awesome bar (via menu customize)
    -widen the awesome bar drop down menu so that user can see text of the url suggestions while typing
  • this addon makes FF look like IE9
    But I guess it's only useful if you like IE9's design and use only the addon bar as it hides all your toolbar icons.
    It's also not compatible with Lesschrome addon.
  • Works great. Just wish Ctrl+K would focus Awesome Bar with a question mark, like Chrome and IE9--currently Ctrl+K redirects to about:home.
  • The combined tab and navigation bar seems awfully crowded. I much prefer the LessChrome HD approach.