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  • Everything works as you would expect. Only item lacking is the tools menu which would have the downloads, history, ect options which is usually on the address line. I get around this by hitting alt.
  • It's unusable. After I uninstall it, the UI doesn't restore to original. :-(
  • It does work, and it looks very nice and neat. Works with both pinned tabs and full width tabs on the right side of the location bar. However, the toolbar is now gone where you would usually have your downloads, addons, and menu buttons. Also, bookmarks from the bookmarks bar no longer work, regardless of left clicking or right clicking and selected open/open in new tab. All things considered, this is sadly quite unusable.
  • This is what I've hoped Firefox would do for years. It cleans up the interface a lot to have everything on one bar.
  • allow buttons,
    allow not to compress tabs titles so we can see their titles
  • Looks very good and is definetely a great addon, but you cannot access the drop-down menu where I usually keep my addon buttons (like LastPass, Pocket etc). So you need to drag all needed buttons to title bar which worsens the look. If you could have just one drop-down menu in right top corner, it would be very useful.
  • Looks abit messed up in firefox 44 but this is something i've been dreaming about.

    will definitely be using this addon for years to come :)
  • So good! Browser looks extra sleek now. :)
  • looks really good and would look good on a tablet device. Only problem, is the inablity to acess the 3-bar menu
  • It could be better, add the option to remove the search button and to configure the url bar so it stays fixed width
  • Very nice, does exactly what it says.

    I would appreciate the option to hide or remove the magnifying glass icon that links to the default search page.

    It would also improve with the ability to set minimum or maximum tab widths, so that users don't have to install Tab Mix or ClassicThemeRestorer to make the tabs usable.
  • One of the finest add-ons released on Firefox. Combined with Hide Caption Titlebar Plus, Classic Theme Restorer(with compact view enabled) and panel optimizations in my desktop environment, Xfce, this frees up a lot of unneeded space without sacrificing any functionality.
    I especially like how the URL bar scrolls out whenever is in tact or new tab is open.
    To any other new adopters of this add-on - after you install it, right click on empty space on bar, click on "Customize..." and move the Australis bar on top in order to not to lose any functionality after installing this add-on.
  • Please update. Settings button needs to be here. I can't figure how to change it's location.
  • It shrink to become only an icon. In the UX Austrails builds.
  • I really like(d) this addon, all up until the navigation bar disappered! Now I only have the magnifying glass to the left, then the tabs! Hitting cmd+L (this is on OS X) brings up a small popup like when you hide the navigation bar. Removing the plugin and restarting Firefox a few times restores the normal navigation bar.
  • Using this in combination with the UX nightly is wonderful. However the browser.css in this script is set to a minimum tab size of 40 which shows nothing but icons. With multiple tabs open from one site, this is a nightmare. Why this is specified in the script is curious, as it's completely unnecessary to override the user defined value elsewhere. Either removing this or adjusting it manually by unpacking the extension is recommended. I have mine set to 80 and it functions beautifully now. Here is the extension without search and at double width;
    Works beautifully with Foobar and Omnibar this way.
  • no puedo vivir sin este complemento, se a convertido en el impresondible aunque me gustaria que no desactivara el auto-hide, cuando estoy en pantalla completa
  • I agree with Arman - use this in combination with Omnibar and this will allow you to change search engines. Using Tab Mix Plus allows adjusting tab width. Search icon is totally useless.
  • Merged with Omnibar and Omnibar Plus add-ons, Firefox is now thinner than Google chrome and Internet explorer 10
  • Looks like the Prospector experiment is dead. Or at least a very big part of it. This add-on is very good and very useful, but like many other from the Prospector experiment, is lacking support. I use a full themes for customizing the FF and it looks like this add-on is in conflict with some of them... I realy like it and hope someone to fix it. Or even better - to see it in the next version of FF by default.
  • Nice extension! Is it possible to hide the search-button somehow? I'm using stylish, but the button has no ID...
  • Good! but not work for some full screen mode youtube
  • like one said: the search-bar functionality is gone like this. looks nice, but the workflow stumbles.
    Why not integrate the url-bar into the search-field? Use a keyboard shortcut or "scroll search engines" to switch between the "search engine" url-bar and other, real search engines. Funny enough, if you add a history of search terms for every one of the search engines (yeah, give it some "forget" options), you could use the back and forth buttons not just for urls, but for search terms per engine, too. But that's just m 2 cents.
  • Not flexible enough. The search button taking you to about:home seems cheap and lazy. It should provide a drop down list of what search engine to use when searching from the address bar, essentially mimicking the functionality of search bar.