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  • Still mostly works for normal suggestions (keeps the corners), but not for direct searches.
  • Should be by default
  • this thing is awesome.
  • Works fine. Very usefull in searching history.
  • Great addon, cuts significant time off your browsing experience. I've had it for a long time now, and have had no problems.

    It's important to know that you can use the Esc key when you need to, though.
  • It needs to somehow be able to bypass pages that have script error pop-ups or network login dialogs. Solve those problems and I would give it 5 stars. :)
  • That could be a useful add-on, but it messes with default zoom settings per site. It always opens new pages at a 100% zoom, but I have set some pages to start with 120% zoom with another add-on, the "NoSquint". Can you try fix this?
  • I love the concept of this but it seems to reset sites to 100 percent zoom. I'm using NoSquint (memorizes site zoom levels) so that might have something to do with it.
  • nice work
  • Thanks for making it work for Firefox 7.0.1 !
    Two little bugs:
    1. it currently doesn't work when typing about: pages in the awesomebar (eg. about:config) :
    2 .as you do a keyword search in AwesomeBar,
    only 3 matching lines are displayed
    (instead of 6 which is the normal).
  • Here and now this latest version works fine with Firefox 7.01
    If you like instant previewing, grab it! If you don't, as within search engines, if you disable any form of instant previewing, then obviously this tight & neat little code is not for you (as it is not for me!). But but but, it works very nicely, this said.
  • Great idea but not working in firefox 7
    Gran idea pero no funciona en firefox 7
  • idk what it does but i havent had a problem with anthing so im gussing that its working
  • I love the idea, but it is not working for me at all in FF5 or Nightly (FF8) :/
  • This plugin is totally incompatible with website which requests a login/password through a popup from Firefox:
    Suppose that we navigate between items from drop down menu using arrows, if the first website requests a login then it closes the drop down menu to give focus to the login dialog box.

    There's no miracle to fix that; maybe a little timeout before begining to display the preview?
  • Insanely buggy esp with FF 5. I type in a search term into search bar it changes the title but it loads the number one item from my awesome bar drop down list. O_O

    This needs to be improved.

    Also phpmyadmin has a prompt box, when instant preview loads that i lose focus from the url bar and it goes to the prompt box>_<
  • I've concluded that all issues I've come across with this add-on are not caused by the add-on itself.I've got a new bug for Scriptish because it doesn't work on preloaded pages while Greasemonkey does.
  • while i type in "ikeepu" and "jiyinyiyong" ,,there'e two bookmarks i stored,one is ikeepu.com,the other is jiyinyiyong.blog.163.com,
    i found that as i begin to type and it jump to the site inmediately,,,
    but actually i'm going to type in ikeepu/tool to active another bookmark,
    i'm running ff4.0 ubuntu11.04,i tried but the problem disappeared partly,
    i dont know how to solve,so i had to disable that..
    bty,,that's really fast,but i in low internet speed,,doesn't help that much as hoped.
  • another great project for Mozilla labs , i recommend having high connection speed for full effect
  • After selecting the suggestion in the awesome bar, Firefox doesn't show connection details tooltip.Also please provide an option to show 6 suggestions in the awesome bar dropdown.
  • Very useful love this extension
  • My suggestion: It shows the page preview as floating widget same width with awesome bar and place it below the suggestions (semi-transparent maybe) before the user hit return (or the 'go' button).
  • But it only shows me pages I have already visited/that are in my search history. Better would be something like this that also had Google Instant capabilities--prospective hits.
  • If you type the address of a website that tries to auto focus a form field the address bar loses focus. This gets very frustrating when you actually want another site. Makes it very tricky to get there!
  • Sometimes don't displying page loading progress, but overall experience is OK
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