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  • This is a nice addon, and it makes more screen space available for people with netbooks (including me) with less vertical screen space. Also, if you like the look of the modern versions of Internet Explorer (Desktop IE9 onwards) but prefer Firefox for its awesomeness then this addon is for you. Works perfectly with Firefox 24 and Windows 7 (I can't test Aero Glass since I keep Aero off on my netbook because it's quite slow).

  • I like this a lot. However, it may take some time for an average user to get adjusted to this radically new design.

    Unfortunately, this is not working on the latest version (Firefox 24) at the time of writing this review. Hope they will fix it soon.

  • Excellent idea! Gives a sneak preview on the future of browsers.

    Still a few bugs though I expect them to be rectified in the future releases and hence the four stars.

    As a suggestion, I would say enable aero glass in the browser chrome :)

  • Excellent as a Proof of Concept.
    May be useful, but at this state it's just concept.

    5 stars for the proof of concept, -1 star for current state.

  • Good, when in Windows I use Aurora with Home Dash...
    But it have not been updated to work with the Aurora's that is in version 8.*. Hopefully an update will come soon.

  • this allow me to get surfing web more faster,widely so it is convenience.
    Tabs eats more space and over mouse moving, after all that is stuffy.

  • Trying out the new version -- its downright usable, unlike the old version. A few issues.

    0. I could not figure out how to file bugs or request features. So I'm writing a review (which is kinda silly)
    1. There needs to be a way to copy the current page's url to the clipboard. This is vital!
    2. The windows group on my machine does not shade properly :(
    3. Opening a new tab in tabcandy causes old chrome to appear.

    I hope this addon gets some traction. I've been using it today and its pretty slick and I'd like to stick with it. 1. is my major problem

  • it is very unstable . but it is a good idea. it like unity in ubuntu.
    یک ایده‌ی بسیار عالی اما ناپلیدار در صورتی که نسخه‌های آینده اجرا بشه فایرفاکس رو تبدیل به یک ابر مرورگر می‌کنه.

  • There are a number of things to like with this addon, a few things that could be improved and a few others that are downright annoying.

    I like the ability to close webpages or navigate to another webpage quickly without a lot of mousing movement.
    I don't like the fact that my toolbar is totally blocked out when this addon is activated since there are a significant number of bookmarks that I use a lot and it's easier to just click on them rather than use HomeDash to find them. I've gotten past this by using All-in-One Sidebar to load them to the left of the screen.
    The really annoying feature is that HomeDash appears when clicking on a field that is to be completed on a form. Originally this was not a problem when HomeDash was activated with a right click rather than a left click.
    I've tried to offer input via the proper support section but no one from Mozilla Labs seems to be checking that area (or at least responding).
    It would be nice to have a button in HomeDash that would send the website's URL to one's clipboard. I often save URLs for later pasting and it's cumbersome to use the keyboard shortcut to display the URL first and then copy/paste.

  • Please fix this bug:
    This page can not correctly refreshed under HOMEDASH, when I switch to another webpage and return, the page stay still the page before, but the content (the song playing) is different, and the buttons also dosen't work.

  • Nice addon but how could I know the link I'm gonna click to will set me go to ? We need exactly link not a name, i guess .

  • it makes browsing easy.
    it might be good if the home dash buttons had a polished look as the Firefox tab

  • To have some additional buttons for HomeDash in the titlebar use this code in userchrome.css:
    "@namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);
    #addonbar-closebutton {display:none!important;}
    #main-window #browser-bottombox {position: fixed; width: auto; top: 7px; left: 107px; background: none}
    #addon-bar {-moz-appearance: menuitem !important}"
    Now enable addon-bar and restart firefox...

  • really comfortable, but:
    sometimes slow ans

    Bug: when you press close windows it's close just current tab

  • Works with App Tabs, needs compatibility with Panorama. Also can't access addon bar (Barlesque) or navigate (Back/Forward).Seems promising especially for mobile/tablets; limits functionality on PCs.

    Developer response

    You can access Back/Forwards/Reload and other navigation by click and dragging the Firefox icon in Home Dash 9.

  • Nice idea especially for netbooks and other small sreen pc's but for them the addon does not work fine. A pitty.

    Developer response

    Was there anything in particular that makes it not work on a small screen netbook?

  • Home Dash is cool but I find that sometimes it is inconvinient to move my mouse to the firefox icon on the left-top corner. Every time I want to switch between tabs, I have to move my mouse to the left-top corner. I hope that the Firefox icon can track my mouse move so when I need it ,it will be at hand.:)
    我是一名中国用户,希望Home Dash插件的Firefox图标能够跟随我的鼠标移动,这样它总是能在鼠标旁边。每次切换页面的时候,我就不用总是将鼠标移动到左上角了。谢!

    Developer response

    Right-click to move the Firefox icon to your mouse in Home Dash 9.

  • I'm really sorry to say this, guys at Mozilla Labs. You're hard workers and good at what you do, but this add-on... it's just flawed.
    I installed it hoping for a nice experience, only to find that my tab bar was completely covered and incredibly hard to get to.
    Even the basic functionality didn't work out for me. I tried clicking one of the little picture versions of the tabs, but it was unresponsive.
    I had to move my pointer around every possible spot that the add-on visually covered, and I eventually found the super secret navigation bar. I had no choice but to type about:addons and disable it.
    It's a nice idea, but it's really not ready for usage, but that s to be expected, given the fact that it's in experimental stages.

  • The latest version is a bit buggy: sometimes i can't quit the program, I have to kill the windows...

    Another point is that the pages miniatures don't show in the home dash...

  • Some very good ideas, I like the fact that the browser is in a fullscreen mode, the quick launch is nice, the tabs are easy enough to switch between and everything is very visual.

    However I don't like the general clunkiness of it, its a bit slow in responding, the list of tabs is a bit confusing (the dotted line especially was initially), I can't see any way of adding more quick launch or apptab boxes and I can't see any way of deleting/changing the sites in the quick launch boxes.

    All in all some very good ideas that I hope develop into something usable, cause this unfortunately isn't (sorry). At the moment its too clunky, important features appear to be missing and it's not intuitive enough. Still this has potential to revolutionise browsing in the future. Keep up the good work!

  • Home Dash has some great ideas. I like the concept of a when-you-need-it interface, and I like getting that little bit of extra screen space - it just looks great. But... the functionality just does not match how I use the internet.

    Home Dash really hurts the utility of tabbed browsing - it seems that, in an attempt to make it more intuitive and efficient, they've made it less so. Consider - normally, I can switch between tabs quickly with Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl-Shift-Tab, or you can just click on the tab you want. Fast, easy, efficient. They're all there, so it's pretty rare that I need to think for more than a split second about where the tab I want is. With Home Dash, you can still Ctrl-Tab - but, you don't get to see what you're tabbing through, so you have to look at each page for a moment to see if it's the one you want. Ctrl-Shift-Tab is disabled. To use the interface the way they intend, you need to mouse over the icon, then scroll around (through tabs you can't see unless it's the current/past/previous one) until you get to the one you want, and then click. Again, it's more of a bother to examine each page as it appears than it ever was to deal with this the old way.

    In short - good (initial) concept, but the execution just doesn't work. Maybe if they add in some way to move through tabs that is actually convenient...

  • I've been using this since before it was released, and I think the idea is brilliant - hence the stars.

    I have one major issue that keeps me from using it. When using 'back', I often end up on some other page in the history. It basically makes it impossible to use - and therefore also hard to get on to more constructive feedback. I've reported this before - am I alone in seeing this?

  • I like the idea and the tab-switching UI, but Home Dash is useless for me because of the perverse way the location bar replacement works. Pressing Ctrl+L and entering a complete web address doesn't take me to that address. Instead, it takes me to another page on the same domain that I've visited frequently. Bizarrely, the only way to actually visit a particular web address is to *search* for it.

    Developer response

    We're tracking this issue here:

    For now, you can add a "?" to the end of the domain that you're typing in. E.g., "mozilla.com?"

  • I am looking forward to trying this out after the Feb 9th update. I think it's like tab stacking now. Tab stack is utterly more easily accessible then panorama. 5 stars for the idea. Will test and get back to you guys.

    Loving instant preview and speak words though. Chrome recently jacked our instant preview idea. >_<

  • I really feel that this is something for you to work with! This could be really awesome, but for now it feels a little bit rough and without a finish. For me the tab previews in the "home dash" does not show until I hover with my mouse and waits for a while on each of the "tabs". Also I more like the old behaviour that was with version 3, as this new "show related pages instead of all open pages" thing never finds any related pages at all...(I even tried with the same page, but with no luck).Also I really like the small "favicon-temporary-tabs" wich sometimes shows under the firefox logo, maybe use that in another addon and replace the tabs with only those small little page-indicators more than info, and when hovering over them display a page preview.Continue the really good work, and this will be a firefox killer feature!

    Using Ubuntu 10.10 and Minefield 4.0b12 pre (2011-02-03)

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