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  • I love this Add-on and I've been using it on multiple computers since it came out. Unfortunately, updating to Firefox 14 seems to have broken it (rather coincidentally since the version of this is 14). Removing the add-on, restarting the browser, and adding it again have no effect. :(
  • This is a very usefull add-on, but when type something to search on the internet, without selecting "search on the web", it uses the yahoo search engine. why is that, if the "search" category has GOOGLE as the default engine?
  • A must have add-on. It is similar to the "omnibar" in Google Chrome, but it has the potential to be even better.

    However, it is missing customizations:
    - Adding/Removing categories
    - Adding sites to a categories
    - Disabling the tooltip ("Press tab to search the web: …")
    Also, the hyperlink color seems to be not adequate to the standard firefox theme.

    Finally, I didn't find out how to "show" a category (after using the "hide this category").
  • I love this addon, is very useful and now I can stay wihout it.
  • I like the functionality, although i still use "tab " most often. Having a single bar is an advantage imo.
  • i love it ..but i want to select the URL sometimes and im not able to i have to go to the farthest left where it is highlightedand i would live it to default search To be a search-engine not find relative urlshttp://img8.imageshack.us/img8/5271/unledib.jpg
    i have these two issues as well
    by solcroft on June 20, 2011 #

    Needs the option to NOT launch a new tab for the search results.

    by Simon Hui on July 21, 2011 #
    4. This is much more more difficult to copy the address of website that I am originally visiting.
  • Some of my reason for using firefox: I want the search bar there.I wish I could rate this neutral as I don't have anything against it except that it is copying chrome, i havent used it so i dont know if it improves on chromes idea. So ill give it 4 stars, at least you guys are working hard and doing some awesome stuff! :)

    OH so sorry Mardak I hadn't seen your reply to my comment (maybe AMO can have email notification somewhere)
    I think the idea of combining of the search bar and url bar is google inspired. Although it's not too much of a deviation from removing the search bar. I think at the time I left that comment I was disheartened to see FF4 becoming chrome-like especailly with the resizeable textarea rather then the form autofill memory feature.
  • This is really an awesome add-on! Will bring back many Chrome users (like me) to Firefox!
  • I really like this addon a lot. But it is useless to me if I cannot add my own search engines. Right now I use the 'add to searchbar' addon together with the 'scroll search engines' addon. Whenever I want to look for something I just type in the searchbar and scroll to the desired search engine. It's ver fast and very effective.

    So my question is, can you add your own search engines? And if so, can you scroll through them, or use a similar technique?

  • I've been using this for a few days and I'm finding it really good to use. It's quick and I like that I can hide some of the search providers (like sports, movies...). I've noticed that these hidden categories still appear when I tab through the options. I'd love it more if they didn't :)
  • WoW !!!
    This add-on need be come standard FIREFOX 7.0 !
    it have to come as Firefox 7.0 PLEASE MOZILLA !!!
  • Taking into account that this is still in development, this is a truly great add-on. After using it for search once or twice, it had already become natural. It is also amazing how fast search results come up even on my absurdly slow internet. I look forward to seeing some aesthetic improvements, some divergence from what Google has done in Chrome, and the ability to add and remove your own search providers... otherwise this is excellent!
  • This works perfectly well in Firefox 6. I do agree with other people though. Custom search engines should be allowed.
  • [disregard]
  • Replaces "Omnibar", but with much more function. I love it!
  • This is literally awesome, I use it all the time!

    Although there I have some feedback:
    - Bug - Switching Aero on or off in Windows 7 renders the awesomeBar useless. Can't see the url, can't click it or write anyting. Restarting firefox is needed.
    - Bug - You have to make changes to the icons, for the settings to be saved in next session. IE, hiding categories without making any changes to the icons won't be saved.
    - Feature - Would be nice to be able to rearrange the categories, both visually and when using TAB.
    - Feature - Would be better if the hidden categories weren't present either when using TAB. Although this makes it impossible to unhide categories. (at least to my understanding)
    - customization is key, but I think you already know that. It would be nice to be able to edit the icons, since there is no difference between the different google services. Creating your own categories would also be cool, maybe with a community-driven database.
  • This can easily become a 5-start for me as soon as it's more customizable and all the bugs are squished. I've encountered a bug that I haven't seen mentioned by anyone before, if I'm searching for something that has non alpha or numerical characters (for example # +, as in C++ or C#) those characters are ignored (both end up as C in the google page).I also add my vote to most suggested features, the post by Felix Kloft on May 12, 2011 pretty much says what I want to say.

    Edit: That was fast! Thanks for the awesome support.
    I posted this here cause I was having trouble logging in to github, but next time I'll report issues there, should be easier for you to track.

    Developer response

    Thanks for reporting the issue! The problem with # and + should be fixed in v11.
  • Everything works so far. Just two requests/ suggestions:
    1) for the drop down suggestions that pop up, could you guys please put in a limit for how much of the bar they can take up? It is especially needed for when the browser is resized. I'd also like to see this as either customizable or optional, because I haven't really used it that and it doesn't really feel like it belongs there for some reason
    2) Installed search engines

    Developer response

    For the drop down suggestions, are you referring to the 2-line title then url list of autocomplete results? Which resize are you referring to? Wider/skinnier/taller/shorter?
  • 1. What happened to my custom searches?
    2. Can I add new categories, or new searches to an existing category?
    2. Can I remove some categories? I don't search for food so often, for example.

    Developer response

    Categories can be hidden with v10 to get some more space back. Showing existing custom searches is being tracked here: https://github.com/mozilla/prospector/issues/248
  • Looks good, very usefull and easy to use. Great!

    Developer response

    Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear the user tests we've been doing have shown good results.
  • I think the idea for this is great, unfortunately since installing it in FF4 under OSX, I have 3 or 4 FF crashes per day. Another user already brought it up, but configuration options so that it is possible to show/remove search items from the list would be great, I personally only want two things searched, my history and google, the rest can be eliminated. Thanks for this, it's great to see!

    Developer response

    Thanks for the feedback Shane. Can you get any steps to reproduce the crash? This is the first report of this add-on causing crashes.

    Configuration will come in the future, but some bits might come earlier as it sounds like a lot of people just want to remove/hide categories so there's more space. Adding categories and providers is a bit tricker in terms of UI, so that might take longer.
  • Very interesting tool. The new add of tab key gesture is very useful too !Anyway, is there a way to customize the tags in the awesomebar ?I mean, I won't use all tags so I'd like to remove some.Thanks by again and continue the great job.

    [EDIT] Sorry I didn't read the previous post ;)

    Developer response

    Did you just want to remove the category tags? How about renaming them? Or also adding a tag?
  • great idea but poor implementation.I think it will actually be usable if there isn't a cluster shit of items on the location bar. Hope one day the devs will give us the option to customize the categories. Edit:great, I take back my previous commentas of V4, things became so much better and I am liking it. Thanks

    Developer response

    v4 removes the categories and gives the full space of the location bar to show the url. The categories will appear when you click on the location bar or open a new tab.
  • ... BUT: wasn't easy to find out how to copy a URL from awesomebar HD ... you have to hover mouse over the shortened URL till it turns bold ... then you can klick on it to mark and copy it. Otherwise a click on it will clear the complete URL/Awesomebar.

    Developer response

    You can press Ctrl-L then Ctrl-C to get the whole url and copy it. Also v3 will show a longer url so it's easier to click.
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