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  • It's very good! But please, change the icon to something that matches its purpose, e.g. a talking mouth.

  • What a brilliant addon! I am one of those users who look up every word they don't know in English, and also I want to know the pronounciation. So far, I had to navigate to Merriam-Webster or similar services to get the pronounciation. Now it's just one click away. Awesome!

  • A fine addon.

    But when I add it to the toolbar, the pronounce button is not getting displayed. (I am running firefox 3.0.6 on Windows XP SP3 with all latest updates.) I am only giving 4 stars because of it but you can still right-click and choose 'Pronounce' from the context menu.

    I am also unable to access the developer's website to submit this bug at this instance.

  • Try a more advanced reader here... http://clickspeak.clcworld.net/downloads.html

    or Google "clickspeak"

    The Pronounce 1.1 wouldn't read too many medical term that I came across trying to study.

  • awesome!

  • very useful for non-native English speakers.

    But lets you down by pronouncing in (some what thick) American Accent. Would be good to see in a neutral accent.

  • when i drag-and-drop Pronounce icon on the toolbar, there is no icon, only space with tool text.!?

  • Great Add-on and it's working again.. It must have been the website that was having the problem as getting a hold of the developer is hard to do as his web site is down.

  • Мой pronounce умер, и кто знает - почему?

  • Great Add-on, but on July 4th it stopped working on all my computers. Not sure if it's a problem with Add-on or Merriam-Webster. Anyone else out there having this issue? Web site for developer is down as well

  • This is a must for any English student!

    Mozilla should give a prize for the most useful add-ons that aid in education.

    To the author of this add-on, thank you so much and keep the creative work.

  • I like this, it's useful and a good idea that I use quite a bit now I have it. I just have a few issues which could be addressed relatively easily.

    1. Needs more feedback, if it doesn't have a word I just don't hear a sound, it needs a message in the status bar at the bottom to tell me whether or not it's found something.

    2. It'd be nice if it could automatically sort out the plurals, sometimes it just doesn't find them because of an 's' on the end.

    3. It puts itself at the top of my right-click menu, which is kinda where I'm used to having 'copy' since forever.

    4. I'd like the option to have a status bar icon of it in the same way I see GreaseMonkey. I'd prefer to have this and be able to highlight words and then drag and drop them onto the icon. I have lots of room down there and every extension I install seems to want to put something else into my right-click.

  • Invaluable. I tested it on a couple of works commonly mispronounced ("basil" and "shallots") and it delivered the correct pronunciation. Extremely nice add-on.

  • Great idea...This add-ons is very useful