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  • It was so nice. Why it's not updated anymore for FF? I know, it's written in the description, but I hope you'll change your mind, and make it live again.
  • I've had to revert to, since the new version 1.7.7 doesn't work with Thunderbird 52.8.0 - it no longer switches properly between two profiles. I emailed a bug report to the author 3 weeks ago, but so far there's been no reply. So it's not clear whether this add-on is now essentially dead, or whether the author is intending it to work with the imminent Thunderbird 60 release.
  • I am a single profile user, but I have the backup profile.
    It is easily accessible to backup profile at emergency. ^^

    Thank you, Paolo "Kaosmos".
  • very good idea
    hope to see this ported to waterfox or pale moon
  • need update for new firefox
  • Merveilleuse extension bien pratique pour avoir différent environnement
    maintenant faut aller sur about:profiles :(
  • Firefox is fast and good but without been able to use different profiles i can't use Firefox i would rather use Chrome.
  • But if you find a solution to use it in the Firefox 57, it should be great!
    Firefox became harder to defend ....
  • Does not support Firefox Quantum. Looks like a premising add-on though...
  • This extension makes things very easy to use and switch between profiles. BRING IT BACK!!
  • In firefox 57 or quantum you open a new tab, write about:profiles and manages your profile
  • Need update to Firefox Quantum.
    There's not alternative to it...
  • Really useful add-on, really disappointed that Mozilla broke it with Firefox 57 and couldn't be bothered to build it in to their own version. Would love an updated one or replacement
  • highly compatible with Firefox quantom !?
  • J’utilise cette extension depuis 5 ans et franchement elle me manque trop.
    SVP faite le possible pour retrouver cette fonction trop utile.
  • Por favor actualiza a Firefox Quantum
    Update to Firefox Quantum please!
  • I was enjoying it so much until yesterday, Firefox unfortunately updated to version 57 Quantum. Profile Switcher will not work with this new version, PLEASE come up with a fix so I will be happy again.
  • Profilswitcher permet d'avoir plusieurs profils disponibles, de pouvoir basculer rapidement d'un profil à l'autre. J'utilise actuellement 15 profils différents que je lance en fonction de mes activités du moment, en règle générale j'ai 3 voire 4 profils ouverts en même temps : une pour suivre la vie courante (comptes, la bourse, énergie, assurances, ...) un autre pour l'informatique, un pour le sport, un pour la cuisine. Dans chaque profil j'ai épinglé des onglet de je me sers couramment.
    Je ne vois pas comment me passer de cette facilité.
    Si Profileswitcher n'est pas disponible (ou un équivalent) sur Firefox Quantum je ne passerai pas à cette version et je chercherai un autre navigateur. Il est dommage que lorsqu'un outil marche bien de le casser.
  • I have two accounts, one for work and a personal one which I switch constantly.
    Chrome has the feature built in and now with this add-on I can do the same with firefox. Now please try implementing it to firefox 57 when it launches!. Thank you!
  • -
  • Wonderful Extension
    Simple and intuitive to use
    Works well with Pale Moon and mre recently Basilisk
    Changes the whole experience of using Profile Manager
    Thank you, thank you
  • This addon will not be compatible for future releases of Firefox. Do you know some alternative? This functionality is essential for me.
  • Working fine on firefox
  • wheres the button ?
    also keep in mind with ff57 58 etc ,,,, the dev versions of firefox will still support xul and sdk addons way beyond 57
  • Works for Firefox Developer Edition (v55 x64) with e10s Multi-process enabled, unlike alternatives, but could use addition of Open Profile Folder, if possible, as extensions providing that don't work with e10s.
    Thank you for your feedback, I knew that it works with multi-process enabled but I didn't test it with last versions.

    As you probably know, with Firefox 57 all XUL/XPCOM based extensions will stop to work forever (sigh!!!!!), so for me the last official compatibility is with Firefox 52.

    Of course in this situation it's impossibile to add new features for Firefox, I just hope that Thunderbird will keep XPCOM/XUL support long yet.