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  • Es muy bueno para bloquear paginas mediante una palabra clave
  • pls update b0ss
  • Please update for quantum ASAP !!!!!!
  • procon is the best, but I thought it was a good idea to, "block site"
  • Even if it does not work with Firefox Quantum, it works perfectly with Waterfox.
    This extension is an essential tool for Parental Control.
    Firefox Quantum should support it: please sign the related petition : https://www.change.org/p/https-www-mozilla-org-better-parental-control-features-in-firefox.
  • 4.2.0 is not compatible with fire fox 57.0 on windows 10. i really like this ill give you five bucks please update it soon thanks
  • Please, Please update it to make it compatible with the newest version.

    I've had it for some weeks now, and I wouldn't trade it for any other blocker.
  • A very awesomeness add-on and wish it would get ported for the new Firefox Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It does it's job.
  • Hello I've just got galaxy s 8 and try to install this ad don but i cant .Probably its not compatible with the present version of Firefox?Are you guys gonna fix it ?I've used this before on my old mobile and it was simple great .
  • The fact that I can block all sites and only allow what I want on my white list. The fact that I can determine what is viewed as decent or not for the view of my children and not some one else who does not have the same opinion as I.
  • sangat bermanfaat sekali
  • El poder bloquear no sólo determinadas páginas, sino que también cualquier búsqueda relacionada con lo que quiero bloquear.
  • Как и все плагины подобного типа перестаёт работать через какое то время, даже на стандартных настройках(( Плагин отличный, но стабильности нихрена нету
  • So i tried many other porn blocking sites but they all ended up blocking websites such as 9gag.com which is comedy site.

    This addon however blocks links or website content by word. so you can whitelist and blacklist certain sites based on them containing certain censor-related things. it even alters profanity if wished upon.

    brilliant addon. really what i was looking for!!!
  • I gave a try to this add-on; and so far exceeded my expectations.
    Of course there is some room where to get it better.
    Nevertheless, I have a problem where on the same line for the black list will be two words. In this case, the two words are separated by an space; this creates a problem for this add-on since does not filter (block) the desire site.
    For example; if you write -Net Login- (two words) some times it does filter and in other instances, do not.
    Something to think about and improve where it needs.


  • Good. Thx
  • You can block the addictive websites for productivity using blacklist key words. Great.
  • Perfect in execution. Wouldn't need anything else.
  • I use the whitelist feature so I only allow what I need. Really useful! It also works in android which If find great!
  • One of the best add ons out there, but please consider e10s compatibility
  • As I can configure the keywords to my needs, this is the perfect extension for reminding me not to waste my time and energy on nonsense on the web.

    One thing I don't like is on setting password. It's a very good idea, but having done that forces me to key it in every time I need to manage add-ons. Hope the developer can make it so that password is required only when I want to change the options of this extension only.
  • I've gone through k9 blue protection and other programs that filter, but none are as wonderful as this add-on. The mere option to have a redirect is beautiful. I used to own a website which had mini-websites on it, and k9 marked one of mine as pornographic, and yet it was not. I would NEVER make a porn site, so I stopped using k9 after they blocked it twice. This add-on, though, is wonderful. Make a password to remind yourself why you need it to filter, and then make the re-direct site a uplifting site that reminds you of your goodness and why you don't need to stoop to porn sites or whichever. I love this add-on. I love all the features, the ability to select what I want to filter, and more. Thank you so much.
  • Just DOWNLOAD SPIN Browser
  • does it's work perfectly, and also comes with password protection . Nd easy to use..
  • It'd be appreciated if we could customize the block page.