Needs work Rated 4 out of 5 stars

If you're worried about your kids viewing or reading some of the trash that seems to pop up at every turn while surfing, this add-on is no substitute for a commercial internet filtering/monitoring product. However, for your own personal use (which is what I use it for, having no kids to worry about) it is a decent enough solution. Still, in a number of areas it is severely lacking. For example, the filter blocks utterly harmless pages routinely if "moderate" or "secure" settings are selected for the main filter. Consequently, I always have it on the "low" setting. This means that its main use for me is the secondary feature of filtering profanity. But the profanity filter requires typing in every swear word you can think of (not my idea of a good time, but that's just me) and/or waiting until you see the words somewhere so you can right-click and filter them. Not especially efficient either way. I'd like to see a preloaded database of profanities included to at least get us started. Anyway, I certainly appreciate the effort by the developer(s).

(I use this add-on in conjunction with the WOT, Adblock Plus, and Flashblock add-ons, and together they come near providing a friendly surfing environment for myself.)

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