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  • Good but need version 57+ support :(
  • Sometimes you want to open a private window instantly but at that times you may even not open it because of the time you would spend until you open a private window. But this extension is like a superhero at those times.
  • please update for firefox quantum
  • One more reason to not update Firefox because this extension is great. When Firefox Quantum can install this extension i will update it.
  • This is the best add-on I have ever gotten, but the latest update killed it. Please try to update it to fix this.
  • This add-on i a life saver in many ways. Please develop a version compatible with the new firefox. please please please!
  • This is one of the best and most useful extensions ever I've used. I've used it for a long time and it's so integrated into my browsing routine that when I tried to switch to Chrome, I had to switch back to Firefox since Chrome didn't have this extension.

    But now that this extension doesn't work anymore with Firefox Quantum, I'll probably switch to using Chrome.

    If the Firefox team ever comes around to fixing the issues blocking this from being implemented in Firefox Quantum, I'll switch back to using Firefox then.
  • Great extension and another reason to add on my list of "reasons not to upgrade firefox"....
  • Would be amazing if this addon would work with firefox 57. I'm considering downgrading just because of how useful this addon is. One of the main reasons I still use firefox for browsing.

    Thanks a lot and I hope the developer can get this working again!
  • This has been the absolute best addon that made my Firefox a uniquely useful private browsing machine. It's better to have normal and private tabs in one window than to browse the web with two windows. Thanks for this great tool!

    I hope the developer finds a way to make it run on Firefox Quantum again.
  • We need this for Quantum :(
  • I'm realizing how much I miss this. Any possibility of it making it to Firefox 57?
  • It's awesome. This should be pre-installed in next version of Firefox.
  • one of the best addons... simple yet very useful
  • alternate suggested by firefox for this add on is not true addons. Also chrome addons cannot provide functionality like firefox addons.
  • I think my all-time favorite productivity add-on. The functionality of opening a private tab in the SAME window has been so convenient for me. I upgraded to the new Firefox and I'm so sad to see it's not supported. Thanks for all the work put into this add-on -- I hope to see it in the newest versions of Firefox in the near future!
  • One of my favorite extensions, can't wait to use it on Firefox 57.
  • Нереально полезное дополнение. Очень жаль, что нет возможности перевести его в WebExtensions :(
  • Очень удобно видеть изменения на странице для авторизованного пользователя и не авторизованного на сайте и это только оно самое моё частое применение!
  • Love this add-on! Installed in Pale Moon 27.6.0a1, and it works great!

    Please consider bringing your extension at the Pale Moon Add-ons Site, especially as Mozilla is doing away with "legacy" add-ons (but Pale Moon isn't).
  • I love this add-on and since updating to FF57 I can no longer use it. Everyone says to use "Containers", but they just aren't the same and aren't 100% private. Maybe somehow this could be integrated with Containers to add a new Truly Private Container.

    If a webextension version is not possible, Thank You! for all of your hard work on this add-on
  • Please ensure that this add-on continues to work after upgrading to version 57 and later. It is very useful.
  • This was a brilliant extension, and I understand a Web Extension is in the works - although not ready yet. It really cannot come soon enough. Lost without it :(

    Developer response

    WebExtensions is still impossible without changes from Firefox side:
  • Development of WebExtensions version is here https://github.com/Infocatcher/Private_Tab_WE

    Very useful, should be default Firefox feature.
  • Simple, and useful.