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  • What about this extension?
    Blank Private Browsing Page is only about
    "…replace the annoying message that you have probably seen a lot of time when opening a new private window with a simple blank page."
    Only simple tweak for built-in private windows.
  • This used to be great. I still hope this makes the jump to the newer Firefox.
  • No support for latest Firefox version ((((((((((((
  • Love it. Never had a bug or crashed. Very convenient... makes the world a better place.
  • No support for the new Firefox.
    Still not possible without changes from Firefox side:
    Sorry. :(
  • Congratulations. This is the only such extension that has a keyboard shortcut and actually works. BUT requiring about:config to change the default shortcut, which didn't work, and worse, having to find that out by looking at the screenshot on the installation page, is really bad IMO. This should be settable in the preferences, which don't exist for this extension.
  • Very helpful, But now it became out of date, please update this add-on, so that we can use it on new version of Mozilla Firefox.
    Thank you !
  • please update T_T
    Not possible without changes from Firefox side:
  • Still waiting......

    please Mozilla, get it supported.
  • I love this extension hoping to see it come back in the future ^^
  • please, update for firefox 57!, Please.
    Still waiting for API from Firefox side...
  • Does the job perfectly !!
    No need to switch, open a private tab in the same browser window.
    Even your own logged-in accounts won't know about it.
    5 Stars.
  • Excelente, este complemento es genial, espero que lo hagan en esta ultima versión, me hace falta.
  • Very amazing add-on, please update! it's not compatible anymore.
  • why this isn't default behavior is exactly whats wrong with the mozilla's firefox! having to rely on addon developers and install extensions just to get firefox up to par is completely the wrong direction to take the project! but noooo, they want their precious browser experience to look and behave exactly the same across all platforms. A novel idea but in truth and in practice, it's a fools errand.
  • ????? will u update the add-dons to Firefox 57 or u will not
    !!!!!! please respond
    Required changes from Firefox side, no API for now, see https://github.com/Infocatcher/Private_Tab_WE#issues
  • fait ce qu'elle dit, et sans créer une nouvelle fenêtre.
    des onglets privés au seins d'une fenêtre standard !!!!

    que demander de plus ??!

    (si ce n'est une mise à jour Quantum...!)

    miss it !! U P D A T E Pleaaaaase ...
  • miss it.
  • Perfekte AddOn-Ergänzung, wenn man Firefox zusammenhalten möchte. Aus meiner Sicht viel besser, als jedesmal ein eigenes Fenster aufmachen zu müssen. Schade, dass das Programm seit der neusten Firefox-Version nicht mehr funktioniert.
  • OK
  • Please make this for FF57!!! its god sent.
  • Please please update this extension for Firefox 57!
  • Great extension. Its not compatible with Firefox Quantam. Please update this extension for quantam. Thank You.
  • great tool...please create a new FF57-compatible version!!!