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These days stumbling upon such Fx extension is like finding a golden-ass unicorn.
Most extensions I find are either "blah" or "hurray, another website-overlay" or "if only they fix..".

But Private Tab was the One I left in love in a long time. It already works, is useful, fun and, doesn't have a bug that no one else but You care about.

But waaait... here is where it gets better.

Remember that dusty feature called "Tab Candy" / "Tab Groups" introduced in Firefox 4.0?
How many people use it these days? How many even knows about it?

Nvm historical reasons, coz You might want to start using it now!

1) Put all Your porn in new Tab Group on private tabs.
2) Use hotkey " CTRL + ~ " to quickly switch between your normal & perv set of tabs
3) ???
4) Browse pr0n right under their noses without leaving a trace!

PS1 Set "extensions.privateTab.patchDownloads" to "false" so they won't see Your perv downloads.
Open private tab "about:downloads" to see them! ;)

PS2 Also works as Ultimate Boss Key!
(except that he's probably monitoring Your web traffic anyway)

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