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  • It works fine but the bypass rules are not working well. The only reason I opted to try this addon is because it offers per domain bypass that the VPN apps don't allow. Problem is Amazon still think I'm behind a vpn even when on the bypass list and I can't watch Prime video. I've tried everything but still can't watch Prime video without turning off the VPN manually, which defeats the purpose of this add-on frankly.
  • Difficult to understand and use..Not user friendly
  • I like that it has a kill switch and offers many regions, including some handy privacy protection features. Along with Firefox's container tabs, it's a solid tool against trackers. It's not free from bugs but I notice that simply uninstalling the extension, restarting Firefox and reinstalling it fixed all my problems I've had with it so far. My last problem was missing regions but a reinstallation fixed it.
  • When certain PIA ips are blocked at certain websites you can use this addon to view them from ip different than setup within windows app ^^
  • I have been using PIA, pretty much since inception, which I learned about from the great Anons on 4 chan. Banking, shopping etc. are no longer a paranoia inducing experience. No sweat, no stress, just easy to setup and utilize. The web is not a scary place thanks to Private Internet Access!
  • generally okay xcept bbc and nflix are onto it ...
  • After successfully installing this to Firefox on the Mac, logging in, and running it yesterday, today I'm getting "Private Internet Access cannot be used because another extension is controlling your browsers proxy settings." Searched for this on google. Nothing came up. Suggestions?
  • My router firewall was somehow blocking the extension from finding and connecting even though Firefox itself was working fine with router firewall active. I disabled router firewall and PIA extension connected fine. I then closed Firefox and activated router firewall. After that the Firefox and PIA worked perfectly except PIA won't allow changing location unless I repeat the process of disabling-enabling router firewall. If I use the PIA Windows application this issue is not present.
    Edit: The issue also occurs with Google's Chrome browser.
    Thank you for the review!
  • So far, so good. I will update my review if I run into major issues. I think people experiencing issues in private browser windows do not have the option for it enabled on the extension. I am running the extension, and the desktop app at the same time. I have also tried it with the desktop PIA app turned off, and have found no difference.
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  • This addon has gotten steadily worse; I've been using it since it was beta for Firefox and it worked better then. No matter what other addons I disable, no matter how many times I blow away my profile, this thing still randomly drops connections. As I write this it can't connect to *any* servers while my OpenVPN settings will connect just fine. Contacting their support was useless. Get rid of all the gewgaws and make the damn thing work.
  • Broken.... no longer works correctly with Firefox v67.

    *EDIT: It's been over 2 weeks, and this add-on is still broken.
  • On latest update, as soon as I open any private window it logs me off completely, I have to relogin to my paid pia user account to continue using it. Without private tabs it seems reliable enough, but any one single private tab - and it logs off. I've been paid user for more then a year now, but now I consider switching, since reliable vpn is required for my work.
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