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  • where does the private browsing go?

    Developer response

    Private Browsing Add-on was develop for Firefox 3.0, next versoons of Firefox include the Private Browsing out of the box, so this Add-on has no sense and is not maintain anymore.

    Thanks for your attention.


  • honestly, i prefer stealther over this
    The concept and execution of this addon were great. I liked how it remembered tabs. However, whenever i started this add-pm, my firefox would become unresponsive for like 30 seconds. It may be my internet, which is okay, but not great. Stealther doesn't lag up my computer at all, unlike this.

    If it didn't lag, i'd give it 5 stars. I'll give this 3 stars, because of the unresponsive-ness

  • For firefox 3.5 update just press " Ctrl+Maj+P " to open private browser : it's a new feature of by default of Firefox since 3.5

  • Thank you!

    Please support fx 3.5...

  • Yippie! I dont have to wait for the new firefox release anymore!

  • I like the fact that it allows one to browse privately. I do NOT like the fact that it wipes out ALL saved passwords whether they are temporary passwords during the private session, or the 100 passwords in my normal settings that I use on a regular basis. And if one is supposed to uncheck the password in the options so as not to erase the legitimate ones, then the documentation should reflect that.

    Nope, not happy here.

    Developer response

    This add-on doesn't wipe the existing passwords of the nomal browsing session. It avoids to safe passwords when in private browsing session, so it's not possible the behavior you explain, all your previous passwords must be retain unless you removed it with preferences dialog, or myabe an incompatibility with other extension you have installed.
    Thanks for your valoration.

  • Works perfectly! Thank you so much!

  • Works perfectly for me with FF 3.0.8 on Windows XP. I use it in conjunction with HistoryBlock. My wife never will find out that I'm browsing porn :-D

  • Crashed Firefox (3.0.8) every time I clicked on it and when it came back up no longer private. I do not recommend this.

  • The private browsing add-on works perfectly, except that I cannot just protect one tab. All tabs have to be closed and re-opened after you turn off private browsing. Other then that it’s a great extension.

  • better than distrust i will check this for a while...

  • Does what it says.

  • This is an awesome addon! My cache is always clean. I dont want people to see me browse so thats why i like this.

  • Now it works fine for me!

    Great addon, works better than Distrust i think :)

    Keep working on this one!

    thank you!

    PS: its fast!

  • it works great

  • Your private browsing is really good, however I noticed Firefox gets slower.

  • @WhoeverIam 3000

    This is not the point. I'm not being able to set the add-on to ON nor to OFF. It's static. The only way I found to change any option is to go on 'about:config', but even this way I can't turn the add-on to OFF if I want to. I just sent an e-mail to the developer about it. I'm gonna post something here as soon as I get it resolved.

  • @Daaron:

    I think this addon is made to resemble the behavior of Google Chrome. (When private browsing is toggled, another window comes out with all external access to local profile is blocked)

    When the private browsing mode is "ON", you can't change the settings, you can only do this when the mode is "OFF"

    Note: I am not the developer, I just share my user experience of this addon. If you have further questions, you better contact the developer.

  • This extension is a bit clumsy - I'd rather enable/disable private browsing without the pop-up browser windows the warning message. (Yes, I checked the "Don't prompt..." option, but it apparently was ignored.)

    How about just a simple on/off button and nothing else?

    Also, it would be helpful to have the history kept current while private browsing is in effect, having it cleared only when the private browsing session ends.

    Nice idea, but it needs work.

  • To everyone and to the developer...
    Just a few minutes after i install the private browsing add-on and make it active on my pc, the options of the feature just go blank, unable to edit it. I am possible to do the first settings and configurations, but after that i'll not be able to change nothing on it, even if I go on 'Tools, Private Browsing' or if I go on Ctrl+Shift+P.

    Did this happened to anyone else?? Can you tell me how can i fix that??

    It seems to me that my pc is being hacked and someone just turned off this feature to be able to get info about the sites i'm surfing.

  • I just dwl it and so far it looks very useful. Just like Safari's one.

  • Very cool Addon, now I can put Safari away =)

    @owkaye: (Installproblem)
    You have do enable thirdparty-Cookies an reloggin. Then it works! Or download with an other browser.

  • Very nice, put u can implement a hot keys, I think...

  • Wow.

    Work effectively.

    Thank you for this addon.

  • Great job! Thanx for this.

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