Has Potential Rated 3 out of 5 stars

For the average user, PrivacySuite can be difficult to set up and navigate. Use Abine's public forums or even this review area for support matters (though Mozilla recommends you don't do the latter). Skip the email support option because you'll get not as much as a reply. I’ve never gotten anyone available with the chat support feature. The public forums have much greater potential to damage Abine's reputation, a fact which seemingly motivates them to at least act as if they care. This applies not only to PrivacySuite, but also DNT+ (as a stand-alone extension) and GoogleSharing.

GoogleSharing was recently and mysteriously detached from PrivacySuite and made a separate extension. It is not clear whether GoogleSharing is a third party product or Abine's own. Days after I installed it separately, it stopped working and I can't get any help. I’ve simply had to turn it off for now.

In theory, the products are great, though I do have to wonder how comprehensively PrivacySuite protects web users from tracking through footprinting. PrivacySuite has great potential to become 5-star if the bugs get worked out, the user interfaces are made more intuitive and the support department starts supporting. For now, it falls way short.

Admirably, Abine does not solicit donations for PrivacySuite, but there are a number of paid optional components to it. Their slickly produced video tutorials lead one to believe they are a sizable firm and very much for-profit. I subscribed to a rather pricey proxy service through them, but as with GoogleSharing, it is not exactly clear as to what extent it came from another developer.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.744). 


Dear GavinA,
Googlesharing was formally made part of Abine's family of privacy tools recently. we put a press release out - not trying to be mysterious at all. we're working on making the tools all work better together. if you have an issue with GS, please email us direct at support at abine dotcom. thanks!