buggy, slow, installs it's own permanent junk Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This add-on does seem to block or remove most cookies, BUT... here is the reason I gave when I uninstalled this and then TACO 4.0 beta (which I tried it a few days later hoping it had the bugs fixed) and involuntarily had a window opened in my browser by Abine asking why : "The reason that I uninstalled is the same as privacysuite 0.738 ; the security pop-up doesn't work properly on web site opening and no cookie pop-up on mouse hover over status bar icon in 4 different versions of Firefox from 5.0 to 7.0.1(newest)(and YES, I turned on both options in preferences). Privacysuite 0.736 works correctly but badly slows the browser, particularly on start-up. I also don't like the FACT that upon uninstall, you left persistent (unremoveable?) cookies on my computer - one of the very things you claim to prevent!" . This after I had submitted a bug report and recieved an email reply stating that they were not aware of any problems, but if there was a problem, it would be due to an "older" version of Firefox I was using (I submitted the bug report with Firefox 5.0.1 which had been released all of two months earlier and was the last version that I tried the add-on with, along with three more recent builds). Too bad. This add-on looked promising, but seems to get less useable with each new build.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.739). 

Thanks, here are some facts:

Sorry you didn't have a good experience. It's a little hard to understand everything you are saying, but here are some facts:

1. we never put cookies other than opt OUT cookies (the ones you need that tell advertisers to ignore you) on a browser.
2. we never leave cookies of any type on your browser.
3. we turned off the "hover over feature" by default

Please contact us again in support and we'll do our best to give you great service on your other issues.