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  • То, что доктор прописал! Удобно.
  • Does what it says and it's e10 compatible. Works great!
  • Descriptions are missing for a few settings, and for most of the advanced settings. Would also be good if you could restore your custom settings after pressing one of the bottom five buttons. Otherwise excellent. Mozilla needs to care more about privacy or the Brave browser will gradually take their users.
  • Le haría falta que quedara marcado el tipo de opción general de privacidad seleccionada y listo!
  • good addon, PaleMoon Support please.
  • Nothing to complain about, Mozilla should consider making some of these the default.
  • Love the presets and the details on what each setting does. Would be nice to toggle a description of what everything is, rather than just the about:config code
  • please make default for advanced setting
  • Could you add Electrolysis compatibility to your really awesome Firefox addon ? Electrolysis seems to go into the next major FF release and thus a huge bunch of addons must use a new API in order to continue to work.
  • I'm skeptical if some of these are even relevant unless you're on a Firefox OS phone (dom.battery.enabled, device.sensors.enabled, etc)
  • Без этого аддона пришлось бы долго копаться в about:config!
  • I'm using this add-on since a few months and works fine.
    Work as well with a VPN.
  • Thank you for making things easier to change on about:config!
  • Easy to use and extensive. I recently realized you can even hover over a setting and it gives you a short explanation. Rocks!
  • Really great add-on. To those who want it more user friendly: It's hard to explain every setting since you need some tech skills to understand them even if explained properly. Try to google the setting or look here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox_:_FAQs_:_About:config_Entries
  • can you make this app on very friendly to inexperienced users by giving explanations.
    nice and great add on
  • Could you make the app more friendly to inexperienced users by giving an explanation of what each setting does when you haver over it or by adding a show more button or something like that?
  • I used to go into about:config to disable a things myself, but this addon gives me a very easy to access control panel.

    Personally I am leaving all the Firefox telemetry settings on because I want to help improve Firefox :) But I am glad that is an option I am allowed when using this addon.
  • Hello

    please omit this
    and add this instead:
    this way referrer can be hidden
    check here ip-check.info

    also add these :
    check ip-check.info for more details

    Delete Cookies on exit for saved current session
    Delete cookies on exit for not saved current session

    pause autoplay of html5

    dom.disable_window_move_resize: true
    disable script resize window

    also add custom string option for user agent
    thanks for your effort in advance

    be good
  • great addon !
  • I LOVE this add-on. Can you make one compatible with latest version of Palemoon? FF seems to be abandoning themes and breaking add-ons with their rapid-release-chrome-clone direction.

    Soon i will uninstall FF and use Palemoon only because of this.
  • FYI: works A-OK in Cyberfox Intel x64 Portable

    •Next Suggestion•
    Color code the four buttons in the UI and toggle the taskbar icon as to which is active. Move buttons to top of UI.
    Defaults - red
    Priv & Sec - purple
    Priv (comp) - blue
    Full Priv - green

    dom.storage.enabled on/off
    Thank you.
    --- Thank you!!
    The padlock (security) and eye (privacy) icons are excellent enhancements to the UI.
  • It could be worthwhile to expand this already great addon by adding
    more options from bellow:


    Thank you for creating this useful addon.
  • Good it an understatement!
  • Very nice to quickly change the privaty settings!
    > simple and slick design
    > rollover "explain message"
    > suggestions for bad or good settings

    I like it!

    The ability to create some own presets, would be useful.