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  • Mal seh'n heute erst installiert ....Bewertung wird nachgetragen
  • Must have addon!
  • Please can you tell if you'll made this extension compatible with Firefox 57. It will a big lost if not.
    However a must have. Good work!
  • La llevo usando desde hace varios años. ¿Se va a actualizar a firefox 57? No me gustaría perderla...
  • Please Update Firefox 57+
  • Will someone let me know the impact on performance of various options offered in Security And Privacy settings in this addon?Thanks,
  • Needs a webextension release soon. Please.
  • One of the very best Firefox Add-ons concerning privacy , congrats to the developpers
  • Thank you
  • Collects all preferences related to privacy and security. I wish firefox would offer such a compilation in its Preferences / Privacy section, e.g., as "Advanced Settings". Very convenient: For each preference, this add-on provides information on its meaning, partially complemented by web links. I agree with some reviewers that an import/export facility and switchable profiles would be nice. As a not so handy substitute, I currently fiddle with prefs.js (comprising _all_ firefox preferences) in the profile directory when I have to check why a certain website no longer works.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Saves time if nothing else.
  • Permet de limiter le traçage et pistage
  • good
  • Thank you. I've used this for a long time.
    I hope Moz doesn't make it impossible for you to keep this extension up a dndrunning.
  • Great!
  • Detailed in explaining what it does with plenty of links for you to learn about things your new too, the most important is I feel Im able to trust it
  • Really great addon, but if there were a feature to save my preffered settings as a single profile, then it wud be easy to load them ( instead of manually changing every setting ). Maybe allow people to save upto 3 or 5 profiles. And hence switching between profiles wud be easy. As such some of the sites I visit force me to change my security settings before allowing me to enter. Once I leave, I have to switch back to my preffered settings ( by manual tweaking of-course ). I think the browser cud save profile in notepad .txt format and recover from them, but Im no expert in computers. Wud be really glad if such an upgrade is made available.
  • Really loves it ,Thanks for sharing this privacy add-on button. This really helps me a lot to keep private on my some important data .
  • network.websocket.enabled does nothing, per bug 1091016 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1091016

    Some extensions, like Policy Control, can still block WebSockets.

  • идеальное решение по тонкой настройке
  • doesn't work
  • Thanks