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  • love it
  • Good Work!
  • To keep privacy, private.
  • This addon is a mere shadow of what it used to be, barely useful since it just a clone of the Chrome version.
  • Privacy is important, do not let anyone take it from you!
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do! Great addon.
  • MAJOR PROBLEM. "websites.firstPartyIsolate" "websites.resistFingerprinting" must be disabled in order for other addons to function and also to be able to install many other addons. I'm running FireFox 59. In running PrivacySettings in "Full Privacy" mode, I can't install other add-ons because it thinks I am running only FF 52 [websites.firstPartyIsolate websites.resistFingerprinting enabled]. I then reset PrivacySettings to "Reset to Defaults" then reloading the add-on page, then everything is OK, I can install new addon. Otherwise, I love the idea that you have.
  • Is it possible to integrate a whitelist please ?
  • Good addon overall - great idea and good implementation. However I find it strange that webRTC is not disabled by default in any of the modes (or at least that there is no option to set it as disabled by default in one of the modes). To anyone using a VPN, webRTC is a major potential leak. It's a considerable annoyance to have to disable it manually every time after switching between modes.
  • This extension is excellent, very simple and yet very efficient !
  • 5 stars
  • Lost all of its core functions and became dumb down version of the Gecko Based Version...

    Still useful on ESR Gecko Firefox 52 w/c is still supported till summer of 2018/ next ESR becomes another Quantum/chrome wannabe crap so better move on to forks like Waterfox, Palemoon(Basilisk/Goanna)..

    Otherwise unbeneficial as dumb down chrome extension...
  • Dell'ottima estensione che era è rimasto solo il nome. Le possibilità di configurazione sono veramente minime. Sono molto deluso. Se questo è il futuro delle estensioni di firefox meglio lasciar perdere.
  • Very happy to see it again for Quantum! Many thanks. Sadly the new limitations restricts the alterable functions. Did you envisage to add more customization options like in the non-webext version or is it technically impossible?
  • Please go back to where you had all the configs listed
  • Absolutely must have add-on! It should be essentially packaged and integrated into firefox, IMHO! Unfortunately it's not currently compatible with firefox 57 quantum! Nooooooo!! This add-on is a requirement for me! I love it and want to continue using it! I hope it becomes compatible soon! Noscript is currently overhauling all their code "after years of work", hope this will become available on FF 57 Quantum soon!
  • Please update for Firefox 57 Quantum. To my knowledge, there's no other addon like it.
  • A must have!
    Hopefully gets an Update for FF 57+.