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  • Enhanced Privacy does not protect against WebRTC Leak!
  • N3s
  • Thank you for your work, Jeremy. Much appreciated.
    One request. Is it possible to make Privacy Settings remember our choices for individual domains? For example, i would love to have the ability to toggle resistFingerprinting to false on site/domain "x" and leave it True elsewhere. Nevertheless, thank you for all the hard-work. And an excellent choice of icon, blends very well with Quantum style!
  • The more privacy options the better.
    I believe the addon has all the currently possible privacy features Firefox has exposed (hence the 5 stars).
    Hope it keeps being updated as more features are getting into firefox (even if they're in their beta status)
  • I Find this add on to work well, no problems as yet. However will look forward to future versions.
  • some option are in red, not possible to change
  • The best...Thank you!!!
  • hi
    Where can i find out the success of Privacy Settings Addon?

    I think it makes Problems with TWITTER header image changing and upload! :(
    What are safe setting for twitter?