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  • Een uitstekende en praktische methode om een tekstfragment te selecteren en te printen.
    Ik hoop dat deze add-on binnenkort terug operationeel wordt.
    Indien dit niet het geval is, kunt u mij een andere add-on aanraden.

  • We purchased a new Mac PC and Mac 15 lap top. Along with these we linked our i-phones and a Mac backup system to the new items. I lost the ability to print "print selection only". I became very unhappy and needless to say upset! No one seemed to know what the problem was so I took it upon myself to find out. I found the Firefox web site and was able to add-on the feature "print selection only" that I had lost in the transition of the new equipment. Everything is back on track and I am again a happy camper. Thank you so much!!!

  • Kein überladenes Schnick-schnack, sondern ein echtes Hilfswerkzeug! Danke

  • Sometimes plain old text is the easiest way to view/read. Thank you!

  • Prints only selected text, as advertised, without format (you can select font size in "addons" preferences. HOWever, I installed "Print Edit" instead and select it from the file menu, THEN you can simply select the text you wish to print, click "delete except" and select "restricted" in the dropdown, and then preview. You can now print FORMATTED text, or pictures. Using the above method it even moves the placement on the page to the top.

  • I would prefer to print my selection with format, but this is better than nothing

  • Eccellente!
    aggiunge la voce "Print selected text" al menu contestuale attivato dal tasto dx del mouse quando si seleziona un testo.
    Si ha così la possibilità di stampare solo il testo selezionato rapidamente.
    Inoltre le opzioni del componente consentono di impostare liberamente le dimensioni del carattere.

  • Works as advertised! Very useful for my needs.

    I do have to agree with ers2258. An icon/button would be nice.

  • Fabulous! Now one request. Add a Toolbar Icon / Button for one click print of Selected Text that can be drag n drop anywhere user wants to place it.