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Amazing idea! Installing now! Firefox should make this idea default!Edit:used this but it doesnt allow me to remove the urls from the top and bottom of the page. and css that is ignored in print preview shows in edit mode. 4 stars for this but amazing idea.

The author is amazing, he contacted me and personally helped me with my situation. Definitely going to use this addon.

With regard to the URL’s at top and bottom of pages, are you referring to the header and footer added by Firefox? If so, these can be removed using Page Setup feature in Firefox.

With regard to CSS being applied differently in print preview and print edit modes, this is due to Firefox applying CSS Print Style Sheets in print preview mode. However, there is a feature in Print Edit specifically to handle this – in print edit mode, click on Options and then choose from the ‘Use Print Stylesheets in:’ dropdown menu in the ‘Display Apperance’ section. It is possible to apply Print Style sheets in print edit mode, or to not apply them in print preview mode.

5 stars

Just want to add this got even better!
Yes, it is possible to print the web page with the style sheet of the web page applied, as follows:
– go into normal print preview mode
– click on Edit button to enter print edit mode
– click on Options button and choose ‘Neither Mode’ from the ‘Use Print Stylesheets in:’ dropdown menu
– click on Preview button to enter print preview mode
– click on Print button

Thanks for this awesome addon!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.2.1-signed).