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Privacy Policy

User E-mail Address Protection

It is completely voluntary for you to provide your e-mail address to us. If you request to add our e-mail subscription, we will store your e-mail address for the purposes of sending you alert on item price drops that meets your subscription conditions. You will be provided options to manage your subscription or unsubscribe it. We will not share your e-mail information with any other third parties unless we are lawful requested.


We use cookies to save user preferences for the purposes of customization. You may opt to disable cookies in your browser, which will disable the customized features of this site. Some features may not work if cookies are disabled.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Minor changes to this policy may occur over time. We will prominently display any changes on this page, and more major changes will be announced on the homepage. A period of no less than 10 days will be given in advance of any changes to the policy, during which users can request to be deleted.

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