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    I am currently a student and had very difficulties in buying courses on udemy as they were charging nominal fees but you know I have applied for a lot of courses so it was becoming a dent on my pocket. Nevertheless you people came from nowhere and got me some real good coupon thanks alot.
    God Bless you.
    If you have anything related to g shock do let me know!
  • Their website hasn't been updated since 2010...Great that you seem to have updated the app...but come on 2010???
  • This app shows the cheapest available price, on pretty much every product.
  • Amazon.com: There are no coupons for this merchant -> uninstalled. Doesn't work. Anyway, did only work with US and UK sites apparently.
  • hasn't worked on any website in years do I don't know why it's still listed. Currently using Firefox 52 though it didn't work on any prior versions either going back to 35!
  • Savings
  • No longer works on any version of Firefox I've used in the last 2 years. They haven't even responded to my last few support requests. Doesn't work with or without ad blockers. Whitelisted in NoScript. There doesn't seem to be any reason it shouldn't be working. Works in Chrome only best I can tell so why even have it on Mozilla's addons?
  • Whenever I shop I always look at the PriceBlink bar to see if I can find a better price. Some of my neighbors (old people) use the PC's in the break room to price things then come to my apt. to see if there is a better price.. My neighbor has Amazon Prime and whenever he tells me he bought something, I check also and PriceBlink always finds a better price with free shipping and no tax (I don't say a word). Never tried any other app for price checking.
  • Great add on! Has been really usefulsince I forst downloaded it. Would recommend if you're looking to save.
  • The most irritating thing about PriceBlink is that it ONLY works with their selection of online stores. When I do my own search of other stores I often find lower prices on a product, but those stores never appear using PriceBlink.

    Also, using the latest versions of Firefox, if I try to reduce the Pricelink bar at the top of a page by clicking the X on the right of the bar, it now produces a "Clickjacking warning and the bar remains.

    I've had this extension active for over a year, and with their listed stores, versus my own research, I have yet to find a better price with PriceBlink, so I am removing it.