not many results Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I do alot of online shopping. I also am really good at searching untilI find the best price on what I'm looking for. So when I saw this add-on, I thought it would be perfect and save me alot of time.
I watched the demo video to make sure I knew how the add-on worked. I went to Amazon and checked out a Canon camera(just like the demo) and sure enough, a window popped up showing other prices.
But... I continued to browse through Amazon to test this add-on, looking at the most popular items such as IPods, Wii's, GPS devices, laptops, know, the kind of items that are hot sellers at Christmas time. Well, I never got a PriceAdvance window the entire time. Not once after the initial demo item.
So, I'm getting rid of this add-on. I mean if you cant even get a hit on an IPod on
Its a great idea, but....doesnt seem to work as expected.

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