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  • how to make a lock for a URL?
    Plugin (URL) and flash (URL) is not present by default.

  • Unfortunately, this doesn't work with Firefox 57+.

    If you'd like to hide images and videos, use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hide-images-per-tab. (It still downloads them, but it hides them as you choose.)

    You can even configure it per tab.

  • This looks like it would give me back more control over my browser which is always useful.

  • This Add-on's got you covered with totally customizable sets of buttons and menus settings, on an additional toolbar, which you can hide away.

    Easy quick-access to all those well-hidden settings in Firefox' bowels is possible, with this great Add-on - you can even write and perform Javascript actions for them.

    Accessing and toggling Geo API, Social API, Observer API, Timing API, Reporting, Media API, Cookies, HTTP- and HTTPS-Referrers, Fonts, WebGL, AsmJS, GFX, Canvas, Tweaks......

    Everthing you can manipulate in "about:config" or in the settings menu, you can also control with this great tool!

    Vote for Mozilla extending the WebExtensions API in a way, that Add-ons like this one can be still be used in the future - or else...

  • Thank you very much for your useful add-on. God bless you all...

  • Replaced various addons like proxy and useragent changers


  • Although I'm sure this extension can do much more, I personally am using it to toggle certain about:config settings, which can be very handy. It can run as a menu rather than the full bar (see second screenshot) so it's not at all intrusive. This has replaced multiple extensions for me (a JavaScript toggle, for example) with just a single button.

  • Begleitet mich und meinen Firefox schon viele Jahre.

  • Useful tool, works fine with German SeaMonkey 2.33 Build 20150308222025 on German WIN7 64bit

    Also works fine with SeaMonkey 2.33.1, but unfortunately this version is not listed in install.rdf.

  • There are very few add-ons worth a 5-star rating. For me, this is one of them. I use this add-on extensively with SeaMonkey. When combined with the many browser customization options via Firefox add-ons AND the customized interface (UI) abilities PrefBar gives you for tool bars; SeaMonkey becomes the MOST customizable browser and interface available.

  • Very helpful, especially on SeaMonkey.
    Thank you very much!

  • Good for quickly change the page language (Accept-Language header) to test the translation of web sites. Nice extensible platform, well done!

  • Works as promised and lets you do a lot of things in an easier way than otherwise. The only problem I have with it is the text-only interface, which makes it a little less intuitive than it would be with icons (but then again, implementing icons for all it can do would be a gargantuan task). Very nice.

  • Very nice addon. The only one that can put links alongside the navigation toolbar. It is very customizable, with spacers and separators so you can get it just right.

  • nice and clean

  • I have been using this add-on for ages with many versions of Firefox and Iceweasel. Indispensible! There may be other tools for the same task, but I will stick with PrefBar.

  • A nice simple addon to have shortcuts to preferences tab.

  • Dieses Add-On möchte ich nicht mehr missen. Einfach Klasse!

  • please keep updated!
    Its pretty sweet to be able click off and on images, Javascript, indivdual plugins or any preference (I made my own button/key to toggle plugin-click-to-play) with a hot key:
    ...when reading my feed reader on my wireless laptop, or speeding up an older low end, low ram DTop. I easily made new hotkeys for closing all tabs, reopening and duplicating tabs... I am able to hotkey a some java script bookmarklets and regular links.
    I guess I could use the extensions button on the easily hidden tool bar or drop down menu, but the key assignments keep my Firefox and Seamonkey-Navigator browser clutter free.

    Its been my favorite browser add-on for years.

  • PrefBar can do so many things that i've been able to get rid of five or six other add-ons. i don't want any more toolbars, but since you can make it into a button, it's perfect. i really like that the drop-down menu is completely customizable, and all of the extra available buttons increase the functionality even further.
    great job!

  • I've been a SeaMonkey user since its early days as the Mozilla Suite. This is easily one of the best add-ons I've used. It's flexible enough to replace several other extensions, some of which are not compatible with the present versions of SeaMonkey. The "proxy serverlist" is an excellent "Switch Proxy" replacement for those who want a simple and quick proxy switcher with Socks compatibility. This could be improved even more if the user could add new proxies right from the list instead of having to navigate through the customize screen.

    The check boxes for toggling flash, java, JS, images, and plugins are very useful for the security and privacy conscious user. Some of these can be "per tab", making the options even more flexible. The customizable user agent and the importable referrer spoof menulists are very convenient, as is the easy access to site permissions.

    There's just too many features to comment on them all. No, it's not pretty. It's not eye candy. It's functional and works very well, which is what counts. The authors site has good,detailed instructions, and even more buttons and goodies that can be added. One I found very useful is "TXTURL" which converts and opens plain text links. The hardest part of using PrefBar is choosing which options you want easy access to. If only most problems were like that. I only wish I'd found this add-on sooner.

  • After reading about this addon, I installed it and was a bit disappointed with the very simple interface and lack of fancy/colorful buttons.

    However, I am now satisfied that I've got access to a huge number of privacy options at my finger tips and of course, the pref bar can be hidden when not needed.

    Only downsides right now are the lack of auto refresh once an option is enabled/disabled and whitelisting. At least one of these features would be very helpful:)

    The "Colors" option is cool! I can enable/disable colors for a webpage instantly! It would be very nice if options like "Images", "javascript" etc also worked like that. Not just keyboard shortcuts, but mouse + keyboard shortcuts combined would also be nice..

    Buttons for "referrer" and "User agent" would be most welcome
    Keep up the good work and the KISS principle!

  • echt super das Teil. Besonders die Möglichkeit zusätzliche Buttons einzustellen. Spart eine Menge einzelner Addons :-)))

  • One of the best add-on's I've used
    I discovered this add-on some time ago and now I can't browse without it, I install it on all my machines (Windoze and Linux) and all my browsers (Firefox and SeaMonkey), if you need a way for on the fly access to your installed plugins and preferences install this add-on you won't regret it.

  • Thanks for updating for SeaMonkey 2.2...I've been lost without it! I switch my proxy on and off a lot and PrefBar is single-click simple for this task. Sometimes active content can be very annoying on certain websites so I simple turn off JavaScript or Flash with a single click in PrefBar then turn it back on when I am done....outstanding! Also, I'm a privacy junky so I'm able to leave Send Referrer turned off except on the few sites that require it...again, with just a single click. Keep up the good work!

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