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  • TOP pop up blocker
  • Like it a lot better than Ultimate Adblock.
  • WOW! I can't see any Popup.
  • I have tried a number of other popup blockers, including some very well known ones. Poper Blocker absolutely leaves the others for dead. Simple, intuitive, and incredibly efficient. Kills popups that the others can't.
  • Me parece que es el mejor tanto para computadora como para tablet y celular.
  • awesome
  • Works great and blocks 99% of overlays and popups. It misses a few but I'm able to block them with uBlock Origin.
  • the best addon ever!!!
  • x
  • Funciona realmente bien, si bien es cierto que en algunos sitios hay que desactivarla porque sino la web no funciona del todo bien. Por lo demás, y salvo alguna mejora estética, muy buena.
  • 1.在4.0.7.7版本中~
    啟用覆疊封鎖(將匿名資料傳送給Poper Blocker開發人員)項目仍可以取消勾選!
    可以取消勾選,拒絕匿名資料傳送給Poper Blocker開發人員形同虛設!




    皆能在Waterfox 56.x下正常運作...

  • banging
  • simple app, easy to use and very effective.
    LOVE this app
  • Good
    Thanks for your review!
  • top
  • simply awesome
  • вся рекламма осталась
  • best i ever used
  • really good popp blocker the best that i used it block everything :)
  • bb
  • Funzt prima
  • I didn't need this review in the middle of a bank transaction!!
  • Great! Again back!
  • WARNING! Spyware, behaves like a trojan virus; sends all adresses you type in and generated and followed to it´s own server and they are collecting it ... programmer is not responding to questions. READ THE PRIVACY POLICY!
  • Works really good