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49 reviews for this add-on
  • I have just one small request - please make the paused icon smaller than it is now. It is way oversized compared to the slim playing icon. Other than that, 5/5 addon!

    edit: sorry, i forgot to provide photo. this is in Pale Moon 27.1.0 Linux x86_64

  • Exactly what you'd hope - tab by tab control of music playing on each tab, without having to give that tab focus. Thanks for letting us swap the icons so play = click to play and pause = click to pause :)

  • Must have when you listen music or anything else while browsing.

  • Simple and smart.

  • Does exactly what you would expect it to.
    The only thing I would add is ability to set our own custom symbol for Play and Pause buttons. Would be nice to set an emoticon or whatever we want via text field.

  • Amazing!

  • Thanks!

  • This is utterly fantastic. The wide range of sites it works on is amazing. This covers all the sites I use for music at work, bandcamp, soundcloud, and youtube. It is sooo amazing to be able to quickly click the pause button on a pinned tab or use the hotkey from any other tab to pause music when someone stops by my desk, no longer having to switch to tab and paw around at the controls on the site to try to pause the music while someone is talking to me. This lets me keep my browser (and desktop in general) more professional-looking and helps maintain my privacy from random passerby.

    My only tiny complaint is that the hotkey doesn't have an option to get picked up by the media play/pause button but a single line in an autohotkey script can fix that right up ("Media_Play_Pause:: SendEvent ^!p"), thus allowing me to play/pause tabs with a single key press whenever the browser has focus.

  • Play/pause YouTube music without having to open the tab which shows potentially NSFW videos.

  • This was just what I was looking for. Allows you to play or pause a video without visiting the tab. no restart needed.

  • Gives you the power to pause/play videos without losing your train of thought by having to scuffle with another tab.

  • Does exactly what it says it'll do, except that it also sometimes prevents the name of the tab from changing unless you move it around in the tab bar. This only happens when the addon becomes active in a tab. It's minor but annoying and can become confusing if you've changed (for example) youtube videos.

  • Just what I needed.

  • I love it when someone reads my mind and develops an app or addon!

    Works perfectly thank you.

    I'd just like to report that the extra play/pause button doesn't really fit into a pinned tab - which I use for soundcloud and mixcloud as well gmail, calendar etc. It's cosmetically a bit ugly but functionally fine so I'm going to keep the plugin activated thank you!

    I'll see if there is a FF about:config option to widen my pinned tabs in the mean time. Hmm there isn't - it looks like I can do some CSS hacks, but another time...

    Thank you for the plugin!


    I couldn't resist tweaking... I put this in my chrome/userChrome.css file in the profile directory - copy the userChrome-example.css file as a starting point.

    .tabbrowser-tab[pinned=true] {
    min-width: 50px !important;
    max-width: 50px !important;

    It makes my other pinned tabs too wide, but I can live with this for now!

    Update 2: I'm using FF 44.0.2 in Windows 7 (yuck... not my choice!) - my add-ons are ABP, Brief, Firebug, Nuke Anything Enhanced, and Play/Pause. No themes or tab-related add-ons that I know of. Happy with my hack if no-one else reports this!

  • This little add-on does what it says and does it well!

    Play/Pause kicks ass for streaming music from the web under linux as many streaming services won't provide their own lightweight clients...

    Thanks and a great utility :)

  • Anything that helps me save mouse-strokes and makes me more efficient is a winner. This add-on does one simple thing and does it perfectly.

  • Works perfectly and super responsive dev. Great job.

  • hey man this is really revolutionary and awesome, and your code is so nice , but on the tabs the addon can interfere with other very usefull addons, it would be super nice if thered be a little panel with all the media tabs listed with playpause button.

    Developer response

    Compatibility with TabMix Plus improved in Play/Pause v1.0.8.

    As for the additional panel to toolbar controls, there are currently no plans to implement them. This might, however, change, if I get more user requests for that.

  • Was very pleased to find this add-on, and it works great. But could we please have an option to reverse the buttons, e.g. show 'pause' while sound is playing, and 'play' (triangle) when it's paused? This may sound counter-intuitive, but it's what I've grown to expect, and getting them the other way is a little confusing.

    Edit: The author updated the plugin with my request! Five stars!

    Developer response

    Option added in v1.0.5.

  • This is so useful, thanks a lot!

    Suggestion for future updates: implement a fast forward button (when listening to playlists).

  • Well done, Daniel. This little 13kB add-on is very powerful. Visually knowing exactly what tab is playing a video and not having to switch tabs in order to pause or play said video is a big time-saver! As I'm using TitleURL, which only shows favicon-sized tabs, I have tweaked the Play/Pause button to appear just below the favicon. And it still works perfectly. Five stars!

    Edit: I have found that this addon does not work in Private Browsing tabs. Until that is fixed, I must change my rating to 4 stars instead of five.

    Edit #2: Using v1.0.4+, the fix is not robust. When I have a Private Tab/Window open, I have to disable/re-enable Play/Pause in order for the Play/Pause icon to show up.
    Another issue I see is that the new Mute icon for Fx42 disappears when this addon is enabled. In order for both to show, I have had to disable/reenable the addon while a video is playing.

  • I tend to open multiple tabs when watching videos on youtube. This helps a lot. I can visually see which tab has the play button and which have a pause.

    This is now one of my favorite addons when watching videos.


  • Probably a conflict with one of my addons, probably glassmyfox or custom tab with, they are the only ones I use to modify the tabs... will try a vanilla firefox, and don't worry I don't have flash player installed so I'm 100% sure the video is HTML5

    EDIT: Never mind, I just had to go to the addon options and turn on the enable in embedded videos... for some reason thats how works, maybe because of my adblocker... who knows, but now works
    If you really want to avoid bad reviews you should have the option turned on by default, there are a lot of dumb users out there and won't bat an eye to give a bad review just because they don't know how to use the addons options.

  • Works as advertised (tested for rdio).